Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Revlon False Eyelashes

Have I ever mention that I am very lazy? If I haven't, let me tell you: I use my right feet to apply lotion on the left (and vice versa) because I am too lazy to bend down; I love wireless bras, because I can just toss them into the washer; I gave up mascara so that I don't have to take forever to remove it...

So how did I ended up reviewing false eyelashes? A while ago I got an e-mail from a lady which a nice name asking me whether I would like to try out some false eyelashes ... The next thing I know, I was acting like an obese kid being offered chicken thighs, I screamed (urgh, not really)"Yes! Yes! Yes! "

Let's get to the business:

Each of the Revlon Fantasy Length falsies comes with a very sturdy plastic box to keep the lashes, a little (but generous) tube of adhesive and an instruction on how to apply those falsies.

The lashes looks that they are quite well made and been through strict quality control (Which reads "looks like Ardell, not elf" ) . I haven't seen any "European hair" advertisement on the box and judging from the touch, I think they are made of synthetic fibers, for those of you who have moral issue using other people's hair on your face, this would be a good thing.

The first pair I tried is called Minx, a dramatic looking criss cross with thick stem. I used the little glue that came with it, because of aluminum tube is too hard to squeeze at the end, I squeezed the center and all the glue squished out like an erupting pimple, so I kind of applied to much on the lashes...

The glue is pretty strong and when I was figuring out where to place the lashes, it just went ahead and settled in the middle of my eyelid...

Redo: I peeled the lashes out (not very difficult) and put it as close as possible to my lash line. Bad decision since some of the (more than I needed) glue got in my eye and stung the hell out of me..

Redo 2: I dug my Duo glue out , I was in the drugstore last year and picked that up for absolutely no reason...I mean, I didn't even have a pair of falsies... Anyway, I applied a thin strip on the edge (Or am I supposed to put in on the flab instead?) and this time it was remotely successful...

Overall: Minx is probably the most dramatic pair among the six, but it actually look somewhat (note somewhat, since my own lashes wouldn't cooperate and poked straight down in their own layer.) natural from the side, it's not too curly but it makes my lashes looks really thick...If I trimmed it a bit and place it at the outer halves of my eyes, it's actually looks very natural and glamorous.

But the flab lack elasticity though, since it just broke (like a toothpick) when I was jut wiggling it before application.

There is Lush, which looks like a chopped off version of Minx, it's probably the coolest one from the six. It looks pretty nice at the outer corners as I have no clue where else to use it.

Intensifying which I called slutty lash (just my first impression)

The pair has a much thinner stem so it feels much lighter than Minx, but (maybe it's because of my puffy eyes and lack of skill) this looks very unnatural on me as it has way too big of a curvature that the tips poke my own eyelids. ( while at the same time, my own lashes is a few latitudes lower...

Chic: I absolutely hate this word, courtesy of a certain person who thinks she is "sheek". Come on woman, I have straight A engineering friend who paints better than you and a buddy who goes to Parson's...I don't see them lecturing people how to dress up...

Anyway, this type is supposed to make your lashes look defined and all that...
Here is flirty, a fan shaped one...

Defining which looks very much like flirty except there is more length difference between adjacent strands of hair.

I will get to all of them (eventually) and here is a summary (of my thoughts) on the whole line

-Synthetic fiber is relatively low maintenance
-good for people who have issues on 2nd hand hair
-Has the sturdy box to store the long wearing falsies
-While the style are all different, they also look kind of similar
-The natural ones looks dramatic (unnatural)
-The dramatic ones are actually kind of natural
-Internal conflicts, how cool is that?
-Come with a nice glue but it's not easy to squish
-Costs around $5-6 and never went on sale
-Self adhesive ones can be found at CVS
-Those are bland and are buried under the mass display of Ardell
-I didn't see them at all at Walgreen or Target.
-Couldn't find the cool one anywhere

Conclusion: As a very lazy kid who loves toys, these are a bit awkward for me: If I want a natural look, I just don't wear anything...If I want a dramatic look, I would go for some *ridiculous* ones from Make Up Forever or Shu Uemura, like this:

But since I am cheap, I will just wait for those Wet n Wild Halloween collection.

Anyway, Revlon lashes are pretty decent thing if you prefer something just in between or you are those people who spend half and hour to look like you are not wearing anything...(btw, Click here for the review on the glue-on nail.)


  1. 3 cheers for Revlon Janet!

    I actually really want to try the nails, cause I want to see if they will fit on my monstrous thumb nail :D

  2. I have been seeing Revlon falsies recently and they all look wonderful!!! Revlon!!! Come down to the Philippines!!!

  3. Pixie & Nikki:

    Yes, the Revlon Janet is indeed hunting every US blogger down...


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