Saturday, April 04, 2009

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eye Shadow Pigment

I was wondering for a long while why haven't I ordered those cute shadow from NYX...I mean, the packaging isn't all that pretty but Wet n Wild doesn't look good either but I love the brand...Now I know, I actually bought some eyeshadow from NYX.

Back in August 2008, I saw some beauty bloggers keeping these little bottles of cute pigments in their storage boxes, they are pretty cheap, so why not give them a shot?

So I got 12 of these NYX Ultra Pearl mania Loose eyeshadow pigments...( I remember there are lime pearl, lilac pearl and black pearl...since they look the worst on me...)

I know they are receiving pretty good reviews and all that, but I totally regretted the purchase.
1.The little jar isn't all that convenient.
2. Some of the colors are sort of pretty but they turn muddy the moment I start blending it. (It's a pigment so I should use a mixing medium? ) and that doesn't happen with Wet n Wild Trio: It looks black in the pan, and still looks black on my face!
3. While the brown looks alright once blended out (they look champagne)the rest of the colors are very tacky...

Three reasons are enough for me to dislike a product...


  1. aww. I wanted to get these, but now I probably won't. Did you order these off of cherry culture or something?

  2. I believe I got them from ebay last year(It's like lot of 12 nyx products for yada yada yada....)

    I did order two nyx brushes from cherry culture a few weeks ago, they are both pretty bad in my opinion. (They are $5 a piece but they are certainly below dollars store quality...Maybe I am spoiled by Stila/tarte/laura mercier?)

    The single eyeshadow are getting pretty good review though...I kind of like some of the shades. but I just like more delicate/unique colors that certain high end brand offers...

  3. I'll be getting some of these in a swap...I think I figured out how to use loose powder now (when I was younger, I hated them too), so I hope I end up liking them :).

  4. Hi Cris:

    That's sounds cool. (Can you do a tutorial on how to get the color to show up as the bottle when you have a chance...since all of them turned super sheer and muddy on me when I am just apply it straight on...

    I don't think I hate the product because of they are loose though. I have a little jar of boring brown/bronze loose shadow from Stila and I love it. The same thing goes with two little one from Jane Iredale...maybe I am just being a snob here.


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