Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Missha Light Lip Gloss Revisit

Just feel like adding some swatch for some hushed up posts I did last year. Missha is a Koream drugstore brand (and I that's all I know.) I believe they have a US website as well.

Missha Light Up Gloss in PK 001 is a very bright pink gloss with in-your-face silver chunky glitters that looks almost too hard to pull off...
On the lips, it's actually pretty wearable since the bright color more or less just brightens up your face (hence the name light up gloss) instead of just sitting there (like those American brand gloss). The texture is very thick ans sticky but once it settles down, it gives a glassy finish.

It's perfect for those who like Korean cutie pie look.


  1. Korean cutie pie look? Hahahaha!! I love your descriptions!! It looks really really pretty, but you have pretty lips to begin with anyway~ :]

  2. so funny about the Korean Cutie Pie! I love it and I believe you are the cutie pie for creating such cute description ! Missha gloss looks super lovely on your lips

  3. Lol...
    It looks OK :).
    Wouldn't buy it though, I prefer lipsticks :-P. A gloss has to look special for me to like it ;)...Or be Limited Edition or in pretty packaging XD.

  4. Hi Fuz:
    I say that with negative connotation actually...since I only use the word "cute" on hamster, cats and dog or guys who look like hamster...

    My lips is all dried up, flaking and bleeding this week...time to test out those lip treatment I have!

    I mean it in a way that it's in your face cute and you can't wear anything unless you want to look like one of those wonder girls.


    Yeah, it's alright. Glassy glosses usually look weird on me as they amplify the sausage effect.

    I got it from a friend who is an exchange student here though. (She is really nice and knows me perfectly well...I mean, nobody gives me lip gloss as gift beside her.)



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