Friday, April 17, 2009

Jemma Kidd Lip Gloss Swatch

Jemma Kidd (I believe) is a British cosmetic brands sold in Target and their price range is pretty much the same as all the other high end lines in Sephora.

I am not the person who spent big money on lip gloss because, frankly, I only look good in the cheap glosses...I have some Lancome, Dior, Mac and Paul & Joe...but on my lips, they just don't look as good as those sheerer than sheer Sally Hansen or the dirt cheap Wet n Wild or NYC...

Anyway, there is no way I will pay full price for those Jemma Kidd gloss (not in Target, nah-uh) but everybody loves some lip gloss swatches, right?

Here are all of the line up. (They do have a clear gel that changes into certain color according to the wearers body temperature (or pH?) which just turned (and stained) my skin in a cool pink shade.

Sassy: Your average (cool?) baby pink. The color pay off is alright but why don't you just get that NYC lip balm instead?

Poser : Red-fuchsia with blue shimmer, I like it!

Dress 2 Impress: Shimmering red

Rendezvous: Milky pinkish nude with a touch of peach and some gold shimmer.

Strip: peachy beige with gold shimmer

Hot Spot: Slightly shimmering peachy pink

Angelina: This gloss has its own category, maximum lip plumping kiss gloss (something like that.) it looks bluish in the tube but shows up as a clear with some sparse blue shimmer, the texture is kind of jelly-like (instead of gooey)

Diva: Bling bling gold mini-glitter in clear base

Undress: Nude beige with gold shimmer

They are pretty on my hand, but I do think they would look more or less identical to some Wet n Wild I have once it's on me...The tubes aren't that pretty anyway, why bother?


  1. You know what? Its true, when it comes to glosses, I don't limit myself to just high end as I found budget ones look just as nice or even nicer on me :)

  2. Very useful swatches! I like the Hot Spot shade. By the way I'm having a giveaway competition on where you can feature your favourite lipstick or gloss!

  3. Hi Akisa:

    Thanks for letting me know...I think I have too many glosses and lipsticks that it's really difficult to jut pick, I see your site is mostly highend , I like the cheap stuff so it might be out of place...


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