Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Issue of Drugstore Spy Cam Trip

Let's see what is fresh out of the oven in the month of April:

Sinful Colors got some new neon shades, I was expecting some turqoises /teal though since it's summer now but I like the purple anyway!

Yet another collection from the auntie brand Revlon.

I hope this doesn't look as bad on the face...

You know Revlon released too much pink when...

They name a nail polish shade "pink again"...(So, the next one would be "Pink again and again"?)

This is the quasi-msf skin brightener Revlon has...

New mascara with creepy wands...I sort of gave them all up because they are pain in the @$$ to remove.

I bet 79% of the money went straight to this creepy design...(In my opinion, if the formula is nice, it doesn't matter what kind of wand a mascara has.)

More quasi-msf...And mineral matte foundation that are as natural as Micheal Jackson.

Brightening onesSun Kissed

Sun Tan

Again, I am skipping all of these Revlon altogether.


  1. Yay Spy Cam time ^_^!!!
    I like the quads :-P. I actually considered buying them 'cause I think the colours are pretty, but the packaging still sucks >:-) and I can't afford impulse buys, so I probably won't ;).
    Anyway, I own way too many eye shadows XD.

  2. oh oh I saw all of those collections too!! All looked very blah as usual :( Drugstore stuff no longer interests me...:( Except the nail polishes!! Sinful is pretty good quality for the price.

  3. Those Sinfuls look great!


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