Friday, March 06, 2009

MAC Grand Duo Collection, you got me...

I thought I will never get into MAC, but..never say never...

That's the cool pink I've been looking for!

After seeing so many nice swatches online...(This post is my favorite.) I am interested in...

Grand Duo
The plum looks kind of cool in the pan, I wonder if it will make me look dead...since I am skin is cool toned ?

Love Rock
That shades of blue pink totally rockes it! I think I will get this for sure unless it looks ugly in person.

Plummy golden pink. I don't have a shade like this in my collection yet...Don't like the melange though.

Moon River
The name is simply dreamlike...But I heard that it's like Nars Super Orgasm with lower color payoff and comes with extra
glitter...I might pass on this. But then if it looks pretty in person...

The collection will be out next Thursday. I am so excited!


  1. love rock and moon river look good, but i'm scared of mineralized blushes. they look strange on camera.

  2. Yeah, love rock and moon river are the two I am interested in initially...but after seeing the swatches, I had to add the grand duo and intenso on the list as well...I will most likely go home with love rock though, since I've been waiting for a cool pink forever...

    I wonder they look bad in camera as they make your face glow like a light bulb? (I hope not, since my face is quite chubby already...) but then I don't like to get my picture taken anyway...Except for year book and student IDs...

    I've never had any mineralized blushers before (except you count the Bourjois baked blushes...which I use on my eye lid anyway...)

  3. The swatches look so beautiful. I'm having major problems with the wear on the previous mineral blushes from MAC. They are gone in like an hour :( I hope they have improved the formula.

  4. Hi Pixie:

    One hour!? I guess I will have to use it on top of the convertible color then...just to add that bit of shine. (actually I want them mainly because they look pretty on the pan...)

    Makeup don't last long on my face long in general...for example the smudge pot can cake and flake within an hour because I have teary eyes...

    maybe I should think about Paul & Joe instead...but then I want another mirror from the same line...Argh, so much temptation going on...

  5. I haven't really been interested in any of the collection MAC released lately, but these duos look gorgeous! Love Rock is beautiful!

  6. I think I <3 Moon River :).

  7. Hi Gio:
    MAC never really interested me in the past either...The collection all seems a bit boring (even the hello kitty didn't spark any flame...) but at least the bold color and pretty veining look really catchy...

    I am somewhat interested in a lip gloss in the sugar sweet collection as well, they have a minty green in it!


    Hi Cris:

    Moon river looks really pretty on many swatches I've seen, but due to the reported low color payoff, I am passing on that since I don't use any highlighter...



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