Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wet n Wild Crystalic Nail Color Femme Fatale

Fuschia is such a pretty color for the warmer seasons. Since I just like to cheap out, the choice of nail polish is certainly from wet n wild!

Wet n Wild Crystalic nail Color provide a nice vingl finish and some really pretty basic color like cream, scarlet and bronze. You don't have to swipe more than 2 layers to get the desired pigmentation and the liquid is fluid enough to be easy to work with. (Another good thing is that it doesn't have that paint smell Salon nail polish usually have) My only complain, again, was the fact that the label is a sticker so the words can be easily scratched off then peeled off.

Femme Fatale is a bright fuchsia with very tiny silver shimmer. I think the effect is to brighten the look a bit without changing the overall matte finish.

No Wonder fucshia is also called Hot Pink, the color is hot!


  1. yes darling! It is HOT HOT HOT :) Love it!

  2. Hey Nikki and Gio:

    I don't see why people say that neutral color is trendy in economic down times when the bright hot pink is spotted everywhere in the magazine.

    Anyway, I am totally having a thing for fuchsia after seeing the ad for harajuku lover fragrance last fall...the model has her nail, cheeks and lips painted in that color and it was so cute...(that was the main reason I got the stila convertible color in fuchsia) Then somebody in a beauty forum was showing the new YSL rouge volupte...the obsession just git worse...)

    I am still thinking about the YSL, but I will definitely try out more stuff in this color, I mean, I don't even like pink but fuchsia is irresistible.



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