Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Lip Color

I am not a fan of organic cosmetic products, because that

1)They tend to be more expensive.
2)And they usually have crappy quality.
3)Organic skincare still irritates the heck out of my skin.
4) Do you really think you are saving the environment buying those crappy lipsticks? Why don't you just plant a tree?

But then again, I like to try new things out and I like the design of some of those organic line, they always use my favorite color, green, on their packaging.

Physicans Formula came up with the line Organic Wear back in spring 2008, I've had a pressed power, loose power (looks just like flour on my face) a blusher (It doesn't show) and the paper compact is truly stupid...At least the eyeliner pencils turned out alright.

The lip color I picked was in a pearly shade (you won't need the name because I would never recommend it) , it was difficult to get any color out of it since all it offers is a pearly sheen. While the minty feel it gives was somewhat soothing, the overall texture is quite drying and doesn't really look like anything unless you have a layer of gloss beforehand. Even with a gloss, there is just that thin metallic layer...

I am glad it's only a limited edition item. Seriously, don't they ever test the products before releasing them?

This is just a little lip gloss treasure chest from Pout, which I have for almost a year now (btw, I have a friend who thought it was pronounced "Poot") , the lip gloss have somewhat big glitter in it yet it still looks pretty nice, since the gloss has a gel texture and color that's sheer yet good enough to brighten a boring smile. Too bad they discontinued the brand though...


  1. I wish I had read your note before I wasted my money!

  2. Hi there:
    We all do that...Next time you know to stay away from the organic wear from this brand...But I actually do like their eyeliner pencils, I wonder why they got rid of those...


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