Wednesday, February 18, 2009

L'Oreal Blush Delice in Baby Pink

When it comes to blushers, I prefer more expensive lines as they usually offer better color pay-off and a silkier finish so that one swipe is enough to get a decent color and the look wouldn't look heavy, more expensive brands also have nice packaging that makes collecting them a treats since unlike eyeshadow, blusher usually don't wear off that easily.

But of course you know that I just have an impulse on everything that's on sale. Being less than a dollar a piece, I thought I ought to try this compact blusher out when I saw it last year at the drugstore: L'Oreal Wear Infinite Blush Delice in Baby Pink.

This is a blusher and highlighter duo with slightly shimmery pink on the left and a berry pink on the right, that looks quite like a powder version of my favorite cheek color, Stila Cherry Crush. It's designed in a way that I can wear them separately or together to give a flush and a popping cheekbone. All I need is a fluffy tapered blusher brush to swipe across the pan at the center of the compact, then apply it to my face in a way that the lighter shade is pressing at the cheek bone and the darker one on area right below it.

But then I realized that this thing is pretty darn pigmented and I need a flat brush to blend it down instead to avoid looking like a clown. (So I still ended up needing to use the two shades separately).

Overall, it isn't bad at all consider the color it offers, as long as you have a good brush to dispense the color evenly. It's just that the heavy plastic compact isn't all that pretty and I have to be really light handed with it both handling and applying it on my face.


P.S. This shade is called Baby Pink right? I remember wearing this on a Friday afternoon wondering in downtown (from the library) and passed by a 40 something man with motorcycle jacket on the street, who randomly decided to call me

"Hey, baby girl!"

I just looked at him, bemused : " What the..."

Oh yeah, I got bee stung (on my cheek) when I wore Stila Cherry crush. back in the summer, I was actually a bit excited that I could wear a bandage on my face and look "cool"...But the bump just disappeared and a few days later I ended up with a huge reaction from some stupid drugstore sunscreen...Oy

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  1. wonderful color, blush colors are like e/s!! LIMITLESS! Love it!!!


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