Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bring Them Back!

Cosmetic skin care or hair care companies always come up with new collections and get rid of the old ones, but sometimes, I much prefer the older version...Seriously, why fix something when it's already perfect? ;Anyway, here is a list of the product I wish those companies to bring back. If you are working for one of those giant company, please let them know!

Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo
I like to switch between different brands when it comes to shampoo and conditioners, simply because there are different sales at each week...Through out the years, I remained relatively faithful to Clairol Herbal Essences: I loved the floral packaging and the fresh scent (others drugstore brands smells simply "too cheap" or "too mature" or "not fruity" enough). The shampoo itself is pretty drying though, but at least it forced me to use conditioner.

While they got rid of the old line, I thought the new one will work them same...Nope, the new one is runnier (you changed to an uglier package now you are cheating out of my money!?) I never returned to the brand since 2007. (Although I have to admit the new swirly ones are kind of cool...but I still prefer gel shampoo.)

Burt's Bees Lavender Complexion Mist

I really like how they do packaging for Burt's Bees, it's down to earth and cute. While I have tried a lot of their Skin care/hair care/body care items...I only like the cuticle creme, lip balm and this. Again, I couldn't find it in the drugstore since summer of 2007...

Anna Sui Lipsticks
The old one is called lipsticks while replacement is called Sui Rouge (out since 2006) ...I like the old tube much better, the radially symmetric rose is just a lot more delicate and classy. I mean, you can still find this in Strawberry Net or something like that, but I will guarantee you that would be a very old stock...

Anna Sui Nail Color in Old Packaging...They switch the sexy curve and delicate cap to a big rose bottle (that resembles the torso of a over weight man) with another rose as cap...Overkill, I have to say...The new package for Anna Sui Nail Color...this shade is 400.

MAC Sonic Chic collection...Pleasantry was the only blushers I am interested from MAC...they were gone before I know it...(I am so going to get the Love Rock from the Grand Duo collection...)

Nivea Visage Toner was a great basic, although it smells a tad bit too strong but it does that second cleansing and give extra moisture pretty well...For some reasons, I've never seen any of these since last year.

Here is what I can think of right at this moment, what about you? What do you want the companies to bring back?


  1. I'm almost done with my bottle of the Nivea toner. Sadly, I believe they got rid of the visage line in the US.

  2. Hi Trisha:

    I believed the last time I saw those in CVS was a year ago, and it was on clearance...Nivea is the only toner that doesn't sting.

    Anyway, now I have a cleanser that works well enough so I never feel the need to do a second I am not all that depressed. I hope they keep that white jar of cream though, that smells so nice.

  3. I want them to bring back Sonic Chic blushes too! I'm super interested in Pleasantry too and they're gone, I didn't even know they arrived here! :(

  4. I wish Herbal Essences would bring back the old shampoo and conditioners too ; ; I loved those!
    Also Bath and Body Works had an amazing plumeria scented shampoo and conditioner when I was a kid, I looved it!

  5. I miss the old Herbal Essences, it felt so fresh and clean. Its gel texture was so cool as a kid as well as the floral smells. The new packaging is pretty too but the smells seem kinda overwhelming to me and I'm not fond with the coconut scent much. I haven't found it in the big bottles ever since, but I used to see it 2-3(?) years ago at my club retailer.


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