Sunday, December 28, 2008

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Powder Foundation

One thing I've learned a while ago is that never say never...I used to be that kid obsessed with Eminem (that white rapper dude) and now ...I am dreaming to work for Deutsche Grammophon so that I will have a chance to meet my favorite pianist Blechacz...(well, before his exclusive contract ends anyway.) And you see the name "Wieniawski" ?

Anyway, I always thought that my skin is decent enough (or I just never care much enough) that I decided to say no to any type of cover up...since if I am lucky enough to not have any reaction with those, they all ended up looking like mask on my face anyway and I am (or should I say, was) quite content with my face: Yes there is a freckle and acne marks here and there, but at least there isn't annoying pores and any bump...Until late August, when I was trying to switch a cleanser and sunscreen (because of price and availability issues) , which is, in essence, my entire skin care regimen.

I will spare you the detail, but then, I needed cover-up... Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Powder Foundation
I've known that it's always better to spurge on foundation and I 've stared with the expensive ones (shiseido, Lancome, Anna Sui) but none of them work. So I turned back to something that I actually bought 3 years ago when the mineral craze was at it budding stage, I didn't got a chance to really use it since my mom just took it (She really liked the coverage) ...since I didn't really need it anyway plus it was my I let the thing go.

By the way , I've never been interest in Bare Escentual...not after that Geisha makeover they did to a friend of mine...

The loose powder was a bit time consuming to use, so I got the compact as well. I think the design of it is quite stupid, you need to apply flip it over, then put to back to re-dip...the brush is totally useless here as well as in the loose powder bottle.

I wish it's just get rid of the lower cavity all together to save some space.

Powder foundation is relatively fine and go on pretty naturally, you can also build up the coverage as you want and I think with little amount this does hide all the red bumps nicely. The formula is quite minimalistic since the 10 ingredients only take a line of space! The powder is also equipped with an SPF 16 of protection with titanium dioxide that also reflects off UVA...I know you can't count on a powder to do the job (I always use a UV base anyway) but that just add on the protection.

The down side is that since it's a dry power, it does exaggerate flaking skin and fine lines if you don't have a proper base for it...but there is also a good solution for that, set it with a bit of water , spray of splash it on your face and the finish will be more natural... I've got the one in creamy natural that is slightly darker than my skin tone, but there were not too many to pick from anyway and for around 10 bucks, I can't really ask for more, can I?


  1. Hi Citrine. First comment on your blog. I really enjoy reading your reviews.

    I bought the pressed version of the powder when I went to the US last year, and I was so disappointed with it. Even when I use a brush, it picks up way to much powder and makes a huge mess. I'm also not sold on the color. The one I got is a very close match, but it somehow makes my skin look powdery and made up. I am glad it works for you though :)

    I also got a blush (it has the same stupid design), and it doesn't show up on me at all :(

  2. Hi Pixie:

    Thanks for the dropping a comments and I am glad you like my blog! (I sort of found out that there are a few of you who just come by and read the stuff...from that poll that 40 people participated I really care what colors people like huh...)

    The powder is indeed quite cakey once you pick up too much, see I mention that all of teh foundation I tried either look like mask or caused allergic reaction...I mean it...ALL of them is flawed here and there and I just gave up finding the perfect one.

    In the other hand, I do appreciate the minimalist formula it has...cover up (although not that natural) no rash, bump so I am happy with *that* at least.

    I do have the blush from this line and it seems too powdery for me...when it comes to cheek color I normally prefer more expensive brands since they usually come with better pigmentation, lasting power and a pretty package that make me smile and show the "apples"(easier for the application, eh? ) For lip gloss is just opposite...


  3. i have a physicians formula loose powder just like the loose one you had, except it comes with this gigantic VERY CRAPPY brush that is stuck to the cap on the container. The bursh is way too big to even fit inside the container the powder comes in. Also, i find that the powder doesn't do a good job of "sucking up the oil" on my nose. Granted, i have an oily t-zone but still, the powder wears away in five minutes and doesn't even stay put on my face.

    p.s i envy your lip gloss collection :)

    - jenn

  4. i love your artical but you should talk more about the actual stone!


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