Friday, December 05, 2008

Body Butter: Burt's Bees, Bath and Body Works and Vaseline

Winter is finally here (I realized it after my lips starts peeling and bleeding like well as my growing attachment to my bed) not that I really bother to put them on,, but having a little body butter lying around sure makes a crazy day a little bit more friendly and here is just a comparison of three body butter I have.

1. Burt's Bees Honey and Shea Body Butter: Among all the self-proclaimed "butter" out there, this one has the closest resemblance to that soft and slimy texture while most of other are just thick cream. (I am not sure if it's a good thing). Having said that, this is a jar of margarine with delicious honey smell and a very greasy residue (It's better that you give it a good half hour to absorb/ dry so don't use it right before sleeping...) . Actually beside the lip balm, none of the Burt's Bees skin care/ body care worked for me : The shampoo tangles my hair, the blemish stick gives me more irritations that it treats and the toner stings my face. There is a lavender oil complexion mist I really liked from this brand but they pretty discontinued it right after I bought my bottle...(Most other product are just bleh...)

2. Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber: I rarely buy body care item from lines like this or (the body shop) since from experience they aren't any better than the plain old drugstore stuff you get for a few bucks. Occasionally there is a scent that I really like and I simply can't let go...Sensual amber was one and I have not yet find a drugstore dupe for this sweet, rich and calming goodness. I had a body splash in this scent but I was way too lazy to go through an extra step "just to smell nice", 99.9% if I want to smell like something, is to smell "clean".

Anyway, bath and body works is pretty good at making those body butter (Oh, did I mention I didn't want to commit to a huge jar so I just got a smaller one for only a dollar at a sale) , it's a very thick cream, rich and moisturizing without being too wet or overly greasy (it gets absorbed fairly quickly). But there is a down fall: I actually can't stand any strong scent (I get runny nose for that) so I've been limiting this for my feet only so it doesn't get to bother me as much.

3. Vaseline Cocoa Butter
A drugstore jar that's made in Germany? It might be somewhat special then! It indeed is, beside the strange smell (not annoying in anyway, just a tad bit strong for my liking and ...weird) , it's a most liquid like among the three I have that I can scoop a generous amount on the driest patches (legs) and it moisturize and leave the patches full and supple right away, during discount, it's actually a very good deal at 5 dollars. (Normally it costs around 10 which makes it as expensive as a bath and body works one...anyway, I will pick between this two depends on which ever is on sale...sorry, no Burt's Bees anymore...)


  1. I know what you mean about dry skin and dry lips, we don't have winter here and I've got crazy driest of all dry lips ever!!! I am glad you found yourself those wonderful butters, I love them too!

  2. The Burt's Bees Lavender Complexion Mist was great. I miss it so. At least I still have the bottle, which I use for other toners now. Why do they always discontinue things right when I fall in love with them?


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