Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Random: Lip Gloss on Hand

I was really bored on Sunday and put some of the lip gloss on the back of my hand, some of them shows up much better here since you are not seeing my red lips underneath...so from left to right from top to bottom

First column: L'Oreal Color Juice Sheer in Pink Prism and Pink Destiny (they don't really show do they?)

Second Column: Sally Hansen Mineral Line Smoothing Lip treatment in Limited Edition Shade #2 (yes, that's the name) Stila It gloss in Savvy, Enchanting, fetching. Wet n Wild in Pink Amethyst and Sally Hansen in garnet? (Well, it was LE)

Third Column: ? Missha gloss in PK 004, Revlon Nude Lustre, Revlon Cherry in the Glow, Lumene something, Wet n Wild Tamara's Tiara, Sally Hansen Lacquer in Peony...

I think Stila looks the best...

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