Monday, November 17, 2008

Facial Moisturizer: Elizabeth Arden and Stila

Have I told you that I have crazy skin? Well, thanks to these two, it's at least behaving (sorta).

First, Elizabeth Arden Millennium Night Renewal Cream.

I thought any night cream should be thick and heavy, especially this one, which is design for mature skin. I think they mean it's designed for skin with lower water retention rather than claiming to have anti-aging functions, it pretty much means that I don't have to use as much each time, which is quite economic consider this isn't really a dollar store product.

Well, actually I just picked it up in that outlet where it costs only 16 bucks instead of ...$88.5 in those department stores? I highly suspect that they decided to let the outlet have some of it because of EA misspelled "Millennium" on the whole line. (See there is only one "N" on the jar?)

Anyway, with a very familiar scent which somehow brings me back to my childhood memory (I seriously doubt that my mom would buy me Elizabeth Arden when I was 6) ,the cream is thinner than what I expected (the texture is a bit gel like). Anyway, it's a decent moisturizer for the evening, I love to use it after getting flakes all over my face (part of my allergic routine, rashes, bump and flakes...I swear I will never touch anything by Olay ever again! ), I literally wake up with a pink glow the second day.

Now another "high-end" I bought as a bargain. Stila Petal Infusion moisturizer.

During the summer, Stila had a free shipping sale (which lasts for about 4 weeks.) I saw this for about 12 dollars and that beautiful floral design just got me (again) . I still dragged it inside the basket ignoring the fact that it's very likely to give me an allergic reaction and all that craps...The good thing, it didn't.

While there is a very pleasant and soft citric scent in the lotion, "perfume" was not listed in the ingredient list (paraben was, I believe) which shoot down one allergen for me without stinking. -Ah-ha! It's the mandarin oil!

Anyway, this stuff does what it's supposed to do. I like the pump so I don't have to dig in with my finger.(Gods knows what was I eating before!) I don't really use it on my face every evening nor rotate it with the Elizabeth Arden simply because my skin is normal (best when left alone) and I only reach for it when I really need to, or, most of the time, just as an eye cream since most eye cream are just too thick that it doesn't get in or I thought they are rip-offs.

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  1. Hey there, my mom is using Elizabet Arden's night cream and she finished like total of 3 bottles already..she swore by it...but of course, it really depends on the skin of each person.


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