Thursday, September 25, 2008

Taking Care of the Paws

I once heard my geography teacher back in high school saying something like you age is written on your hands...Despite the fact that what is said was part of a random conversation...I do have hands and feet that are drier than the rest of my body...So it's time for some special care. (Nah...I believe that all skin shall be treated equally and stuff like hand/feet cream are only useful when it comes to their portability...) So, I don't really specifically buy hand cream unless they are on sale...

A Few week ago, there was a little sale on all the Neutrogena items in the grocery store, since my Sally Hansen hand Cream is about to run out and I've heard raving about the Hand Cream... Now it's a good time to try them out!

Both the hand and feet cream has a thick gel texture, a little really goes a long way (all you need is a pea sized for both hands or your heels.) I picked the scented version of the hand cream(means that fragrance free version is also available) since I found that sometime they need to use something on the product to make them not smell bad. The smell in the hand cream didn't really bother me that much but when it comes to the heavily scented foot cream, it's a tad bit annoying. (Well, you are supposed to only use it on your heels.)

In shorts, they are decent products that get the job done nicely, I would just prefect a soft, comforting scent and a cuter package would not hurt. (The Sally Hansen one is nice enough for me.)

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