Sunday, July 13, 2008

Floral Galore

The Body Shop Shimmer Duo: I love the soft green! I am probably just collecting them until I really get a hang of applying eyeshadow.

And can you find the typo it has?

And this one was on clearance for only 3 bucks! ( I will never pay 20 bucks for this...)

Anna Sui concealer: For some random reasons everything that's meant to offer a coverage cakes on my face, including this one...

A result of brain-death moment in the drugstore, Physicians' Formula Botanic Bronzer/ First, do I even use bronzer!? On top of that, I can't even take off the stupid CVS sticker from the lid!

Stila Sakura Trio
Ravishing Rose Trio I think the Stila deserve individual review for them, coming up later!


  1. that is a cute body shop collection! I love how they do their packaging, but you're right, i would only buy them if they're on sale! :)

  2. Everything is so cute! Can't wait for the review

  3. Hi Nikki,

    When I was picking up the shadow and a liner form the clearance section, the sale associate told me how to intensify the color yada yada yada...

    I just told her I picked them up because of the floral pattern, she then tried to persuade me to buy the lip gloss (probably over 15 bucks) which has a little flower printer at the back...

    I meant delicate, pretty floral pattern...

    Hi Gio:

    The Stila might take a while since I am having so much fun with them! And guess what, I am totally becoming a Stila girl right now...


  4. ooh I hate it when sales person tries to persuade you to buy other stuffs, it's like "HELLO? I know what I need before I came in here" haaay


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