Monday, June 16, 2008

Water Nymph: NYC Nail Glossies and something totally random

I am guessing that now I have a thing for turquoise nail color? I just thought that turquoise is such a pretty color for the swimming pool plus I want to give the under-2-buck a try.

The color has a little bit more green than the OPI blue moon lagoon and it's just a creamy color without cute sparkle. Just like most drugstore brands, it had less alcohol and goes on stickier than some more-expensive brands. Oh yeah, you really need to have quite a few layers in order for the color to show a tad bit.

This is about 3-4 layers and you can see it's still on the sheer side. From now on, I might just spend a 50 cents more and buy the Sally Hansen hard as nail line...

Here is the Random Alert! Don't read unless your feel like killing some of your neurons!
I just came across storm's site ( a model agency) and found a model named Oliver P (Btw I am totally not interested in him because...deep down his eyes...I see...nothing)A meat head trying to look thoughtful...

And this is a picture of Ivo Pogorelich, the guy who won the Chopin Competition in 1980 ...wait...he didn't and that was exactly how he got famous...Don't they look kinda alike? And that model's last name is "P"! Maybe they are relatives...
Rumors says that, Porgorelich is gay...but I don't bloody care (He is like 30 years older than I am) as long as he keeps recording nice stuff...I soooo want to work for Deutsche Gramophone: They got Blechacz and all of my other favorite!
The unibrow Beethoven...btw, in case there is any of you classical newbies out here, check out his Scarlatti!

End of the post.

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