Friday, June 20, 2008

Pretty Jars, Frosty eyes...Nothing more than that...

Here is a picture of Erin Watson, taken from the UK site of Maybeline, Supposedly wearing lilac cloud. No wonder she is looking downward..." because in order to get this kind of of color pay off, you need to dab on a whole jar. I guess it will kinda weight down your eyelids a bit?

What the pots look like..wait, not really...CVS pharmacy, where I got 3 of the jars 50% off, has a weird sticker that they attached to some of their cosmetic products read "this product is intend for sale at [insert street address and store number here] if found at other outlet, please call [a 800 number]... First, the stickers are not that pretty to speak of. Second, as much I want to share my thoughts on some product I use, there is no need to expose where I live (which is in a walking distance from that CVS) on the net. I I took the Maybeline sticker off instead, which is a breeze to remove.

( I have yet to learn how to dig in with grace...)

Pretty colors, eh? Well, none of them shows on my lid... Unless, as mentioned, you dab the whole jar on...

The mousse is fun to play with ( I like mousse better when they are edible though) which also means that you can't glide the shadow on since it's too fluffy...

A 1/2 pinto pea sized dab will pretty much look like this:

Yup, I smirked a bit in the after and the I headed to another angle for the lighting but these two are the most similar ones I got. The shadow does offer a bit of a color ( I used Mint Dream but I guess it doesn't matter since they don't really show on pictures anyway) the camera saturated it so all it left is shimmer.

Another picture of the same shade. As you layered it on (I dabbed on almost 1/3 of a teaspoon of the the color shows) , you will only get more chunky glitters while the color remains minimal.

I guess it's fairly easy to work with as an eyelid brightener, the picture blur/smoothed a bit because my hand wasn't that steady, the finish is much more frosty than what is shown.

My Point? There is no point spending 6 bucks a piece for different shades that all give you the same result: frosty white eye lids. nevertheless, the jars are cute though. If you want some pretty color, smoother texture and finer shimmer, I think Shiseido hydro powder and Stila mousse pots are much better choice...

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  1. lilac cloud and turquoise breeze are pretty! thanks for the review...just ran into this post!


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