Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lip Gloss Galore:The Drugstore Babes

While I love the color selection, staying power, scent, and design and the texture of higher-end. brands, there are indeed quite a few drugstore lip gloss that I (not to mention my wallet) absolutely adore.

Here are what I got from my treasure hunting.

Revlon Super Lustrous in Wild Orchid (Limited Edition back in 2006...yup, I am still keeping it)
I got this two years ago at Target for $1.48 ( a steal), the gloss is very pigmented (aka very hard to pull off imo.) yet it fades within an hour...the bright side is that if you dab a little bit of it on a clear gloss (I use Juicy tube daiquiri) the look you get will be a very glamorous and not over-done and it will also a little bit longer lasting.

Revlon Super Lustrous in Nude Luster
Here is the swatch, see (maybe you can't, since there is no consistency at all in my lip pictures) the nude gloss blends in very well with my otherwise very red lips.

The newer version (picture taken from
has a slightly different package comes with spf15, nice for those skin-cancer conscious people. (But I thought since lips don't tan, UVB protection is a bit pointless...I just realized that they don't have a PA factor is SPF here covers everything?)

Ok, where is my picture? (I lost it the second day I bought it. argh... I am waiting for another sale to buy the replacement consider how much lip gloss I have was only 3 bucks after the coupon btw)

Rimmel Underground In the Mix:

If it weren't for PJ, I would never spend 9 dollars something on a drugstore lip gloss. (Yes, they actually have 9.45 dollars something lip gloss out there! And what a rip off may I add, it's 1/3 the size of DiorKiss but more than half the price...I have a feeling most of the money I spend on this goes to the light bulb and mirror.) But luckily, it does have something special, PJ was right, it does give you a very natural water sheen that makes it look like you just had a slice of watermelon... The asymmetrical lips...and the effect all those Dr.Pepper

I love it. (Although it doesn't last even for an whole hour: I remember put it on before a rehearsal for our class, at the end of the rehearsal (50min) my lips were dry again...but well, at least I get to reapply more often and I already finish using 1/3 of it.

The back mirror was very convenient. It also has a light so help to apply it in the dark. (what's the point if the gloss is sheer ? Oh , yeah...Girls like to look at how pretty the lips are after applying gloss...)

My introductory to lip gloss: Bonnebell. I bought it solely as a remembrance of my freshman/sophomore years of high school, I missed that time when I was easily satisfy by a little tube of 3 dollars glitter lip gloss. The gloss itself is way too sweet and slimy.

Lumene Berryfun: This made me berry-speechless...looks like I dab on room temparature margarine on my lips. $1.29 flushed right down the drain.

Lumene Super Gloss in Midnight Sun: This is actually a very good one, it has similar texture and lasting power as the juicy tubes and I think the finish reminds me of MAC lustreglass, only it has finer shimmer and a more pleasant scent!

89 cents well spent! (yeah, it was on sale, I usually wait for sale/clearance to test out cosmetic product without tester.)

Maybeline Lip Polish in Clearly Pink:
There is only one word to describe it: Mediocrity. Color, finish,staying power, scent package...Nothing really stands out , however, it comes in handy when I want to experiment with layering gloss with lipsticks.

Perle Norman Luxiva delite in Pink Cadillac : Hard-to-pull-of pink, I didn't even bother to try.


  1. what color or number is the lumene lipgloss ???

    1. It's called "Midnight Sun", as I have stated in the post.

    2. not that one,im wondering the color of the pink one !

    3. the lumene berry fun lipgloss

    4. Then I am sorry that I don't know. It has been four years since the post and I already tossed any lip gloss that I don't use.


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