Maybelline Lifter Lip Gloss in 014 Heat

When I first saw the display, I knew I was interested in the new Maybelline Lifter Gloss (I didn't get it right away because sale at Walgreens is kind of lame). As soon as the locked down got relaxed and CVS sent me a 40% off coupon, I headed there and picked my toys. Patience is virtue, it turns out there are several CVS exclusive that are more appealing than the regular line up. I grabbed 014 Heat, a Sheer flush kind of red (because it is one of the few shimmer free shades). 
While the gloss has a unique design, I hate this humongous plastic tube (it's larger than the already thicc Fenty but contains 5.4ml, almost half of Fenty Gloss Bomb's 9ml). The plastic is highly prone to scratches and that CVS security sticker (of doom) is near impossible to remove, because it breaks into tiny little chips instead of peels off... And the sticky residue was also a pia... 
This might very well be the biggest lip gloss packaging ever and I don't get why. 
A big boy like this comes with a big wand and it seems that Maybelline completely duped the sponge tip applicator. (The little black dots are soil... I dropped it during photo session, oops.) 
Maybelline Lifter Gloss has a very strong (but tolerable) vanilla scent, a wet hydrating cream gel formula and a lovely watery sheen (it's not really like Fenty's thin glassy finish but a pleasure to use all the same). 
014 Heat (neutral sheer red with creamy base tone) is a classic example of 血色感 that's often mentioned in Japanese magazines (Literally blood toned makeup but it translates into any makeup that emulate your natural flush). it's very close to being universally flattering. This is very much like Lipstick Queen Jean Queen but I found it neutral and healthier looking (Jean Queen has some of those color changing ingredients that pulls brighter blue red on me while heat remains somewhat neutral). 
Bare Lips for Comparison 
Maybelline Lifter Heat (several minutes later) This is a formula that moisturizes and plump up the lip line from within. I really adore this gloss but I am not sure if I will repurchase other shades... The packaging really is that bad. 


  1. It's beautiful on you. I don't think I can overcome the packaging and the strong vanilla scent but praise the Lord for shimmer free gloss in the drugstore range!

    1. Even other shimmer shades in this range seem very refined (particle are smaller than fenty). I almost got another cvs exclusive shade but that got tampered.

      Anyway, this collection is kind of unlike their release 2014-2019 (where I could hardly find a single item I like enough to buy). Almost all shades are super wearable and I had to restrain due to budget...oh and fugly tubes.

  2. Ooof I hate chunky packaging for no reason and it's not even pretty
    The gloss itself looks nice though

    1. yeah it works well as a overnight lip mask as well (there isnt a clear shade though). I am tempted to get more but these will be eyesores...

  3. They want you to think there's more product content ^.^

  4. Yeah I reckon (techinically a lot of brands do the optic illusion) but this is just massive...I hope they change it later because it actually put off lots of people (like me). Their old slim colorsensational gloss was so much better, less waste too...

  5. I actually like the packaging and think it looks expensive, but I can understand why you don’t like it. It looks amazing on tho and the colors are gorgeous. I have the shade Stone and want to get this next.


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