Other Stories Eye Colour Cream in Midnight Dahlia

Like many people, I am also trying to stay away from fast fashion brands. Every week I am just guilty of the amount of waste I produce. Anyway once in a While I still like to visit And Other Stories (don't worry their pricing generally keeps me away) because their designs and...their makeup collection actually look somewhat exciting.
During one of my trips - I saw this pot of cream shadow and it was love at  first swatch. Because I am always for a good metallic beige rose gold. 
The jar is hefty and box shows the shade name right at the front. It looks and feels nicer than drugstore brands and good enough for the $15 price tag.
Midnight Dahlia is a metallic rose gold beige with strong pigmentation, a very thin and skin fitting texture and great staying power.
The particular shade is the kind that defines and brightens at the same time. It goes on slightly wet but dries quickly and sets exactly where you put it on (sometime with a harsh border but that's how most western brand cream shadows are like).
Maybelline High Roller (this is a newer range of Color Tattoo eyeshadow) and Midnight Dahlia I like both a lot and hopefully they won't turn into rocks in a year.
Midnight Dahlia applied very sheerly(border is hard to blend when I do thick layer). You can see the dreamy pink Glow from the micro glitter.


  1. *checks your blog every week* omggg have you abandoned blogging

    1. I am sorry I am just hella stressed from work (don't worry it will be over and I shall be back by the end of December!) I still love my eyeshadow palettes.

      You can follow me on Instagram @inkofmefondly though I don't update as much....

    2. nbd just stalking your IG now (lol)

  2. Are you still blogging? I miss you come back lolz.

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