Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Glow Gem

If you pay attention to Japanese magazines and instagram accounts (just a simple hashtag search will lead you to a tons of, mostly over filtered, pictures and swatches) you might have seen these  Cosme Decorte aqmw eye glow gems. Recently I noticed that they will revamp the range (into gaudy gold...why) so I better get the review out. Luckily many shades are kept while the range expand so I am not that late.

These shadow pots promise gem-like sparkle in a sophisicated glossy finish. I love most of the Kose eyeshadow I have gotten (from Esprique, Visee to Jill Stuart, it rarely dissapoints) so I had high hope for their high end offering.  
The eyeshadow is packaged in a lightweight but solid tub that feels like acrylics (clear  jar) and ABS plastic (black part). There is a clear window with vine design on the lid. The AQMW is in the center, acrynom for (wait for it) Absolute Quality Mircale Wonder...or is it Awesome Quality Marcel Wanders? 
Each box also has the nice paper box with vine imprint. They are easy to store without feeling cheap I don't get why they have to do the gaudy gold next spring.
The texture of the Eye Glow Gem isn't the first of its kind, a spongey dome like Missha Jewel Star Eyes and Maybelline Bouncy Blush. It smells like Benetint (just a some sort of rose) and has a far superior texture once you swipe your finger across it.

 The shadow has a cream to powder finish that adheres to skin with very good color pay off (while retaining the clarity), no slip, or powdery fall out. My favorite part is that on the eyes, the powdery part melts right into skin, leaving no distinct boundary/ patch of color. I can achieve a gradation without too much effort on my part, all I need is a quick swipe of finger.

Yay for complex shimmer!

Currently there are 10 shades in the still-young range. I started collecting them since the beginning of the year, skipping the mauve pink and gold. Early summer, two new permanent shades were added BR383 (straight taupe) and BR384 (reddish taupe).
BL 980 is a periwinkle with pink sheen and it pulls very blue on me (so but make me look sallow when I am really tanned). It's still somewhat wearable though.

GY081 is a gorgeous purple taupe that's just a little smokey. It's great on its own (with this blendable formula) and perfect for winter.

GR780 is an golden olive that's just green enough to not become  (yet another) boring neutral but muted enough for work. The color is complex enough that it gives me same kind of effect as a khaki brown palette.
BR380 is a medium warm brown that's defining without being heavy (none of them is too dramatic), it's actually perfect for summer days. BR381 is an orange brown that has been rather trendy, blended out it's actually not too different from BR380. 

BE382 is a lovechild between rose gold and skin beige. It's polished without being boring or super metallic. Another lid wash to pair with brighter lipsticks.
Overall, I do love these and at 28 dollars a pop (I wait for eBay flash sales to buy them anyway) the quality to be as good as Chanel Illusion D'Ombre (but with better texture). I will probably pick up some new shades next spring.


  1. I feel the lemmings coming...nooo! That GY081 though...

  2. Yup it's very practical yet interesting shade (and the revamped range is keeping it) if you dont like the milani-like gold it's time to get them now. The olive is another...wait I love all except the blurple.

    It's saying a lot since I am more into drugstore singles/palettes...They are really worth the price tag.


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