Canmake Stay on Balm Rouge

I always like Canmake for their amazing cream blush (good enough for the high markup) and this year, I finally bit the bullet and got a few of their tinted lip balm. Since the brand kept adding new colors into the extensive range, it must mean they are well-loved.
The Stay on Balm Rouge is a long stick balm with SPF (how much? Can't find out from the packaging or website) and vibrant colors.
The tube is cute and a but clunky.
I got a bunch to try out and they are all free of shimmer and quite different swatched on arm and worn on lips.

The lipsticks has a flat cut and somewhat hard (for a balm) texture so the glide isn't the most comfortable. Rest assured it doesn't drag like chalk either.
08 Juicy Peony is a slightly milky blue pink that turns a little mauve. The color makes me feel like a farm girl from northwestern China who got her first lipstick (after selling 20 lbs of handpicked mushrooms that might or might not be edible). It's not a flattering color on me, maybe because it enhances my farmer tan?
09 Masquerade Bud is a warm wine red that's less intimidating on. Yeah it sinks in line but it's still not bothersome from a distance.
11 Raspberry Rose and 10 Flowery Princess
Flowery Princess is a coral red
Raspberry Rose is a cool red
Two more shades I bought later. 
Smily Gerbera is a milky peach and Tiny Sweet Peach is a warm reddish coral

The warm peachy tone of Smiley Gerbera is orange enough but not harsh against skin, kind of reminds me how Revlon used to do orange shades.
Tiny Sweet Pea is a little more red/flush like. To me, all shades has very good semi-clear finish and medium (good enough to show) pigmentation, balmy finish that lasts well (for lip balm). 

Overall: I like most of the colors and think the marked up 8-9 dollars is tolerable (I wish I can get it at 590yens though), they are nice to have around the corners of my room and in my bag. Nothing irreplaceable.


  1. All so very pretty on you! I like those slip Canmake lippies and was eyeing on this range, too. I like Flowery Princess & Raspberry Rose a lot. ;D

    1. I bought 12 little plum candy (similar to those two but bright poppy red) it looks pretty nice...They arent chicca or lunasol but i found no fault for that price! And for single-digit brand the shades dont look cheap at all!

  2. LOL! Love your description of the farm girl. I think the color looks good on you! ^.^

    1. Have you watched any Zhang Yimou's older films about rural lives in China? Juicy peony is so that...村/cun....


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