Monday, March 07, 2016

Revlon Floating in Love Spring 2016 Collection

Revlon finally has a seasonal collection (that doesn't look half-assed)! The limited edition for Spring 2016 is called Floating in Love and it's freshly pink for the most part. 
New shades of cream blush in Nude (warm medium peach) and Smitten (dusty heather pink). Testers are available and these are sheer (easy to work with and fade quickly, I assume) one with a matte, frosted finish. 
HD lip lacquer in a jelly pink (Pink Amethyst) which I almost picked up and another shimmery peach like looks like the Rose Gold from Colorburst line.
Colorstay Skinny Eyeliner om Navy Shock and Nail Color in Daydreamer (Orchid pink with teal/pink duochrome).
Lastly here is the eyeshadow palette in Romanticism. The Revlon eyeshadow I have tried have all been shitty but this looks interesting (and kind of look like the color scheme/shimmer that Japanese palette would use).


  1. I was hoping that peach gloss was more like Bellini from the colorburst line but it does look darker in that pic. Thanks for the pics!

    1. I never got bellini when it was available but now I kept hearing about it(how much people miss it), did I miss out??? I almost picked up the pink amethyst but I realized that it will be added to the permanent line and there will be sales!

  2. Bellini is my favourite lipgloss of all time, it's like Nars turklish delight but more peachy and classier. When i first saw that Revlon Escapism collection in 2012, i knew Bellini had to be mine. It's a pale milky nude-it applies a bit streaky at first but it disappears once it warms up on your lips. Think fashion editorials where the models have those pale pink nude glossy mouths- that's what Bellini looks like. Or think Angelina Jolie glossy pink lips. If you have pigmented lips, Bellini will make it lighter and prettier. I'm suprised Revlon still hasn't made a replacement for it in the HD lipgloss line or the Super Lustrous ligloss line. There's a shade called Sky Pink 207 in the Super Lustrous lipgloss line but it's more like a weak Peach Petal from the old line and there's not much pigment to it as well. I still can't believe Revlon discontinued the Colorburst lipgloss line, there was nothing wrong with it, it sold well, especially the Bellini shade. I hoarded a lifetime supply when i found out that it was going to be discontinued so i'm not too heartbroken. All the shades from the HD range are too bright, like clown bright and not everything wants to look like that. I've looked at other brands like Maybelline, Loreal, Rimmel, Covergirl etc to find something similar to Bellini but all their nude shades are brown based, nothing pinky/peach based. And i'm not willing to go high end, i'm not paying $40 (which is what we get charged down here, no joke) for a lipgloss.

  3. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Born With it 015 is my favourite lipstick of all time. It's a cool toned blue based pink with shimmer in it. It looks very frosty if you apply it straight from the bullet, but if i warm it up first with my fingers or brush, it becomes a warm toned pale pink. Very pretty. It's a dupe for Mac angel. They still haven't discontinued it, which has been around since 2009, so the peeps at Maybelline know what sells and what's popular. If only Revlon can do that.

  4. I am guessing that it's a whole different creative team coming up with the newer ranges of colors for Revlon (which seems so different, instagram-y, and not as wearable as the releases from Gucci Westman years). I rarely wear color paler than my lips but I still find Fashions Night Pout (from 2011) really pretty on.

    In the other hand, the replacement formula and packaging all seemed too diluted and less substantial....Which I guess it's a way for them to earn more/cut costs. It backfired again (at least I never wanted to buy another new super lustrous gloss after my first)...

    I really missed the old time when I see no appeal for highend lipsticks when I can get my craving fully satisfied by Revlon and Maybelline alone. Now, it's like "I guess I will pay 20 for something I actually wear".

  5. And i bet they delayed adding a pump in the US to the Revlon Colorstay Foundation for as long as they could, as it would significantly drive up the cost. I also miss the good old days of drugstore makeup, it was more exciting, people would actually go in the shops and buy the makeup. Nowadays, it's all about how many likes you get on facebook or whatever fancy. These days, shops are lucky if they shifted 5 units a week from 1 product line. I have barely bought anything new makeup, just my usual buys that i can rely and trust (like Revlon Colorstay foundation, Maybelline loose powder, Covergirl Lashblast Volume)


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