Thursday, February 11, 2016

Integrate Girl Kiss Jelly in Red Tag

 While hunting for Majolica's fall 2015 palettes (successfully procured, just need pictures), I noticed the same seller also had this limited edition Integrate Gloss from their summer collection. Well, I could never have enough sheer red tints (and frankly I don't have many since most of my favorite went bad after one summer in a room with non-functional air conditioning) so I grabbed this.

The Girl Kiss Jelly is a permanent range of lip gloss/lip essence hybrid first released back in winter 2014. It seems that most the permanent have clear package that let you see the exact color of the gloss. The limited edition from summer 2015 has opaque tube that's slightly textured.

The cap is heart shaped on all Girl Kiss Jelly, this one is red to fit the denim theme. 

Applicator is standard slanted tip, which is simple and easy to clean off. The smell is a sharp artificial cherry (variation on cough syrup) that I can tolerate. 
Red Tag is a cherry pink that turns more neon-bright as soon as it's on my lips (why am I not surprised). I love the texture, which is a watery gel that's moisturizing, soothing but not overly runny. The pigmentation is great (though the color is not super flattering) and the shiny finish is juicy but not ballon-y. I am not sure if I will repurchase though, since the range isn't available from the e-tailers I frequent. Anyway, the colors in Japanese lipsticks usually aren't as flattering as the one from western brands, although I prefer Japanese formula.


  1. Wow, that's a pigmented gloss! I'm still using my Integrate lip treatments from integrate and they're great.

    1. I was planning to get than (sakura drop lip essence) as well, before realizing I have a bunch of fresh minis, dhc you gave me (which is really nice in the stick department)and half a tub of nuxe that I also like. I just need to tell myself to not hoard too much...


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