Saturday, February 13, 2016

Abssynian Catbird - Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow

So...I got another Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow (gotta use the Amazon point somehow). From my very thorough reasearch I have done, Abssynian Catbird is often called one of the more unique shades in the range (and guess what, I still managed to find close cousins in my stash that I like better).
Abssynian Catbird is a dirty gold with a brassy olive base. I personally find the color interesting enough but not necessarily special. You can see the multi-color bits in the blurred picture but to me the finish is rather straight forward, a velvet and (possibly) metallic. There isn't any glimmer suspension so it looks a little flat, on my flat features.

Packaging for the single is the same compact with back hinge cracked. If I am manhandling my makeup, why is my Paul & Joe brow powder torally fine after years of repeated use? I guess I could opt for a smaller refillable pan and slip it in my small Z-palette, but I don't even want to buy another Z palette just for this...

OK, now to it's close cousins.
Abssianian Catbird, L'Oreal Gleaming Bronze (or Bronze Goddess) and Maybelline Gold Shimmer (another LE). Color Wise, I definitely prefer the L'Oreal (more olive with dimensional glimmer and it actually lookd metallic) and Maybelline (a closer shade with better staying power and more intense pigmentation, it's just drying out). 

But I guess it's a given because LE Infallible are two of my very favorite singles (I got 20 of each for a reason, eh). Rouge Bunny Rouge still has the redeeming qualities of soft texture that's easy/no mess to apply and the convenience of the compact. It's also more versatile as it can be toned down with blending.
On the eyes, Abssynian Catbird can be use on the lid for an olive-gold kind of half-smokey definition. The color sheered out (well, if I were to pack it on, I prefer to just reach for L'Oreal instead)seems a bit bland for me so I layered some Lunasol on top(upper right pan of Three Dimensional Eyes in Deep Beige, which is legitimatly metallic).
The end result is just a little more sheen and a more polished finish. Even though I don't love the two Rouge Bunny Rouge singles, they both have a likeable texture and pair nicely with my other Japanese palettes. It's fun to be able to mix and match without creating mud.  I guess I am not unhappy about the purchase.
The two shadow pans used for the eyeball-swatch. I actually am really loving the Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes in Deep Beige (in my review I call it "Too deep"). The key for my enjoyment is ditching the darkest liner pan altogether (as I simply don't have enough blending skill or lid space to handle the smoke).  Maybe I should start some palettes because I ended up loving three of those I have complained about.


  1. Woah, did I read that right, you got 20 -twenty- each of Gleaming Bronze and Gold Shimmer? Holy crap!!!!

    1. Why yes, I am using them as self-tanner.

      Kidding. I think it's the same when I told you I got three shu uemura eye brushes and you thought I got three of the same brush...I meant I like both ranges enough to have more than 20 shades from each. So far the only eyeshadow I backed up was majolica be700, only because I almost panned the first and just thought the purply-taupe is too unique.

    2. LOL well, it was ambiguous what you got 20 of :P

      Are you going to take a collection photo? I want to see what colors you have!

    3. I don't know. I guess I have some of what you have but less ( I didn't try too hard tracking down Europe exclusive and I avoided most shades in the permanent line/which are too straight up and not wearable). The lighting in door is too bad but maybe loreal is doable...I might need to fill the last available spot on the drawer though(it fits 25). Let me ebay dig a bit...

      Two days ago,a friend of mine asked if I can do a stash post of all my palettes side by side but I just shuddered at the thought of cleaning up each mirror, applicator and terrble lighting (I am not professional so I will never invest in professional lighting)...

    4. I know what you mean. Those stash photos are just too much work. I generally keep my stash pretty neat and clean to begin with, but it's still too much work for my lazy ass xD


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