Friday, December 11, 2015

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Work It and Revlon Leah Goren

Ok. I am still doing the spy cam thing (despite you can see these kind of picture everywhere). They make excellent page break on the review-a-thon (I buy a lot of crap, alright) and I like seeing the new stuff and (more importantly) bitch about how unappealing they are and ponder why those brands are still in business (sometime I wonder the same thing with high end Japanese brands as well). So I guess the spy cams will still appear in between the palette reviews...
 Physicians Formula Organic Wear Work it Mascara and BB Cream. After the 5-6 tubes mascara I tried from the brand (which are almost identical in formulation and level of suckiness) I will bet my pennies that this one would be the same thin waxy formula that smudge on my eyes and weight down my lashes. Too bad there is no more CVS rewards on these so I don't waste my time on the brand again.

I am not sure about the BB cream and the ProFit blend claim. Not a BB person and I have a few deluxe minis I need to finish testing.
This time, the tube design isn't even pretty (at least I like the white faux-porcelain one from this past spring).
 Revlon released yet another tweezers/tools collection called Love Collection by Leah Goren. I am pretty sure it's Revlon, not the pattern designer), this is by far the ugliest one released. From my memory, the Marchesa weren't that bad...
 I guess they are going for the 90s vibe?
More tweezers.

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