Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes in Palace of Sea

Palace of Sea was one of the two limited edition (see how I get suckered into thing?) palettes released from Majolica Majorca Sweet Trap Hunter Collection (summer 2014). The palettes was still available at AdamBeauty (I should have taken this as a hint) so I picked one up.
The Jewelling Eyes contains four sparlking shades (no cream base!) that vary slightly in pan sizes. Normally sizing like this helps you get an even usage but I don't think it applies to this palettes. The lower right is hardly an eyeliner shades.
Light silver gray, gold, pink and taupe. All shades have intense silver sparkle that imparts a strong wet sheen. Instead of subtle multi-colored shimmer, this is much more reflective and refractive, like crush pieces of mirror and glasses in a microscopic scale. It's not what I call tasteful or elegant (the shimmer sometime travels up my temple)but it's really fun and looks quite dramatic under artificial lighting.

The finish on the four are complex on their own but look flat together as the glimmer particles are same and they all have the same finish and opacity.
Lower right taupe might look deeper here but it's too sheer/clear to shade or define.
All shades used on lid. I think I used light taupe allover. Gold and pink half way through lids then the darker taupe on outter corner. I guess it doesn't matter since it just looks sheeny anyway.

I totally get this palette's lack of popularity (for that fact that it's still available a year afterward) but I actually thought it was a very fun one. I mean, the it's a strong-madeup look that isn't heavy and I find it easier to wear(and much more flattering!) than most of the Suqqu I own(I have accumulated a few)...


  1. This looks like a palette that would be more effective layered on other eye colors. I do miss the colors that MJ put out in the past. These days, every season I would wait eagerly to see what new colors are unveiled, but have yet to bring any home with me. Did you get the Visee Holiday Limited Edition palette yet?:)

    1. Yup! I got the gray version but have yet to touch it since I can't stop wearing the majolica be-700 (the purple taupe is so pretty with my poor circulation and artificial lighting). I like the look of mj's palette from this fall as well,which has another dirty silver purple (less taupe). Since now the days are so shirt. I am focusing on rotating through the palettes I have photographed instead of testing all the newer ones...


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