Friday, November 13, 2015

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow in Delicate Hummingbird

If I recall it correctly, Rouge Bunny Rouge, the Russian brand from UK, has been really popular in the "niche Beauty Blogger" world around/since 2012 or so. Of course I was uneffected/oblivious about the whole hype since I have never been a part of the community(or any community?). 

Anyway, while I was seeking a workable shimmering mint (to replace that so-tightly-packed-it-could-be-diamond mint in Dior Bonne Etoile quint), RBR Periwinkle Cardinal caught my attention right away. Of course it was discontinued...To acknowledge my own reasearch effort, I ended up with Delicate Hummingbird since I wouldn't mind a dirty purple (with to my skintown, is categorized as serviceable neutral).
Since Delicate Hummingbird is one of their more popular shades, it's available in both pan and mirrored compact. I opted for compact because I don't like the sight of a z-palette, even though I own one. Well, the compact also contains more product so it's worth the extra 6 bucks (instead of 19 for pan). The compact is cute with the print(nah...),light weight/scratch prone. I have had it for a little less than 2 months and its backhinge already cracked. 

Delicate Hummingbird is an intensely shimmery muted plum that's almost metallic in the pan/when you pack on the color. I have read from bloggers who mentioned the complex, multi-color shimmer that's allover the shadow... I was puzzled that I had to look very hard for it. It turns out that I personally have a different (Asian) definition of "complex shimmer". 

Delicate Hummingbird does indeed process same-sized and shaped glimmering bits in red, blue, silver and Godknowswhat. Instead of being suspended in a translucent medium (the color/shadow itself) the various colored bits are what make up the metallic dusty purple. So, I personally like to just refer it as pigment. 
RBR with various Japanese shadow with (my kind of) complex shimmer, which is how I refer to those various sized, shaped and colored bits that float in a semi-clear medium, those that add dimension and watery depth to my flat lids.

Hairy definition aside, Delicate Hummingbird is an interesting and very flattering (anything purple/gray are flatering for me winter skintone) shade to wear by itself and layered with sheerer Japanese shadow. Allwithout turning muddy. The texture of these shadow are soft, smooth and almost-moist-kind-of creamy that it reminds me of the summer 2015 trios from Suqqu.
For this eye ball look I just made my own quad with the four shades swatched above (I just blended everything together). Most other time, I just use it to add definition to whatever neutral eye colors I was wearing, it goes with most taupe, beige and purple I own (from the palettes).
With a bit of inner eye(imagination) you will be able to make out all the colors used! 
Some dirty purple-taupe comparison (they look nothing alike) L'Oreal Liquid Diamond, Majolica BE-700 Evening Dress. I originally want to use RBR to replace the liner shade in BE700 (to slow down the consumption) then I realized it's more economical to just use the palette as it is. 
Maybelline Lavish Lavender and L'Oreal Metallic Lilac. Eventhough I like delicate Humming Bird, its rank in my dirty-purple family is actually quite low, only surpassing Shiseido Ghost (so close to my skintone that it doesn't do chips) and Maybelline Lavish Lavender (sheer, patchy and hard to blend)...It's more due to personal preference though, I just find the other shades more blingy-beautiful.

Overall: Great formula and a color that's easy to wear (but currently overshadowed by other shades in my stash).


  1. Very pretty color on you!
    Interesting that I've never thought Delicate Hummingbird as a color with multi-shimmer. On me, it looks more satiny. Anyway, I totally understand why this is overshadowed (literally) by others. LOL. You have a great shimmery taupe collection! <3

    1. Maybe I should call it satiny and save "metallic" for other shade that are more mirror-shiny ...This shows how people call things differently. I think it was from Monika's suqqu hanashoubu review where I heard about rbr disco glimmer(and the absense of such in suqqu). Anyway, it's just personal interpretation I suppose...I only call it complex when it's really obvious and suspended in a medium (lunasol, loreal and mj)...

      I feel a little bad for delicate hummingbird actually, the texture is quite nice...

    2. Yes, I enjoy that almost-wet-creamy texture, too. For that, I'm interested in trying their mattes as well.
      Btw, I won that auction (but not at 29.99). It is still an awesome deal. I appreciate you let me know about this! Did you get yours, yet? ;D

    3. I already had it for 2-3 weeks when I met up with you! I just wore it for the second time yesterday and (not surprisingly) think it was alright, so far...I much prefer majolica (backed up)be700 and visee be-5 for the touch of purple/mauve. Visee nudy rich has amazing texture that's no less smooth compared to lunasol, so it's my current go-to.

      The lipstick has a very smooth texture but it's just a touch lighter/warmer than my lip color so I don't want to bother with it.

      Another PSI, muji just recently/this week started to carry Japan- made bone China mugs. I wonder if I should get one as well...


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