Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Revlon 2 in 1 Compact, Mascara, Nail Enamel, Almay Holiday Sets and Maybelline Kit

Spotted at Harmon - New Revlon foundation and concealer (that guy kind of looks like Jesse Eisenberg)
A rainbow of mascara
Alluring Nails
Display of nail enamel. Asian problem again but this guy looks a bit like Matthew Macconaughey?
Makeup set with freebie mirror
Almay sets - which are kind of pretty
Alway's brand slogan shifted from Simply American to The American Look. I suspect it's the same person who make "Love is On" Revlon's "signature name". The big and fancy names are not doing anything if your actual products suck (and to Revlon, it has been lacking creative juice while now....Almay is just always boring).
Lastly, Maybelline Up in Smoke and Gilded in Gold sets. 

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