Friday, November 20, 2015

Lipstick Queen Jean Queen

Two months ago I was browsing at Spacenk, one of the few physical stores that carry  Lipstick Queen(it's no longer available from Urban Outfitters), I was mainly look for another Saint to bring home. Of course, I got distracted by the pretty rosy hue of Jean Queen.

I didn't get to buy it that day, as it was already sold out (and there was only one lipgloss left). Well, I waited for less than an hour to just buy it from Amazon.

As a one of Lipstick Queen's standalone shades, Jean Queen has a shiny tube that's not rubberized (phew) and there is an inner sleeve inside the cap from making that squeeching sound.
Jean Queen is described as an neutral rose that's as easy to throw on as your favorite pair of jeans. The pretty rose is housed in a plush jelly formula that's glossier and more melty than Medieval.
Lipstick Queen Pink Saint, Jean Queen and Butter London Axis Rose (it's a tinted balm but why is it matte?)
Jean Queen feels very light and moisturizing (not in a balmy or thick way)on the lips. The brand probably makes my favorite lipstick formula, there is always a little something I don't love (either in packaging or color). Just like many sheer lip colors, Jean Queen turns significantly pinker on me. Within 30 minutes, it settles into a bright mauve pink that I don't hate (but I really don't need more of those). 

Anyway, I think I will show my battered (the paint just doesn't stay on)tube of Medieval some love.


  1. Yeah, I hate the rubbery lipstick tubes too but love the formulas enough to put up with them ^.^ Thankfully Jean Queen doesn't turn bright or pink on me. I love it!

    1. Jealous! I knew there is something with my lip color/ph when you call pink saint warm pink and I thought it's a creamy mauve...I hope they release a red(medieval) red in the jean queen formula(at least I like that enough to put up with the packaging)or maybe I will buy saint red next time.

    2. OMG I love Saint Red!! It's a translucent warm red on me ^.^ You should totally go for it!

  2. This color looks lovely on you! And although I'm sure it's your pretty lips, but the formulations does seem kind on lips from the picture. :)

    1. Give it a swatch if you are at bloomingdale (I like to visit it whenever I walk up north from Chinatown)I think I will just wear their lipstick as lip balm for the winter.


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