Monday, November 09, 2015

elf Prism Eyeshadow, Ardell Brow and Holiday Sets

Random collective spy cam from CVS, Harmon and Duane Reade - First there is the elf Prism Eyeshadow
Naked. The name probably suggests it would be sheer and sparkly so I might give it a try if the price is low enough (if it ever end up in clearance basket, since 10 dollars is pretty steep for just a toy. Heck, I don't even want to pay 5 bucks for elf even I know some of their stuidio line items are really good).

Absolute (a random New York brand). It reminds me sometime ago there was a mindless PR would go "We are a company based in New York" as if it's a cool thing (this was from an lingerie company who spammed my mailbox)but all they remind me of are those street vendors who sell next to the food trucks...Very NYC indeed (actually I was too awestruck by the grapefruit-shaped boobs on the models to reply anything).
Back to topic/Harmon - Ardell Brow Gel and Pencils
 L.A Girl Best Lip Sets - Things that you should not gift to girls over the age of 10.
 Lip crayon and eye brush set

LA Girls Chunky Lip Pencil  and Eye Glaze?

Pro Conceal (already sold out at Harmon?)
 Giordanao Colors Palettes and (not sure the brand) curlers
Wet n Wild Glitter nail color 
 Jesse's Girl palette
 MUA lip color sets and eyeshadow


  1. I have both of these elf palettes and they're really not too bad. I like them. Although, I didn't pay $10 each for them either. I got them on 50% off sale. :)

    1. I would totally get them if they are half off and I have a cvs coupon(my double discount rule). I will just need to remind myself to overblend with these...


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