Saturday, October 03, 2015

Wet n Wild We're the Wild Cats Limited Edition for Fall 2015

 I wonder if Wet n Wild hired someone new, because I really like their limited editions (and their punny names)! The one for Fall 2015 is called We're the Wild Cats (appeared right after their 40% off sale last week, which means they will be probably gone before the next one).
There are four shades of liquid eyeliner - Black, purple, cobalt and bronzey brown
 Four limited Color Icon Eye Color Trio - Wrapper's Delight, Bust a Wrap
Freestyle Wrap (which has a gorgous purple taupe) and Bohemian Wrapsody. The purple one also has multi-colored shimmer particles (some are clear, the same style as dollar store confetti). I like both palettes and will grab them if another sale roll around. 3-dollars isn't much but consider the my past experience with Wet n Wild (I only like one shade from an entire palette with 3-8 shades), it's just too wasteful to get those full-priced.

There is also a display for Color Icon Nail Color (a formula I do love, except I grew out of my shimmer phase 5 years ago) 
There is a nice dusty purple again.
Ruby colored
Dark Blue and Black


  1. I really like the Freestyle Wrap! Although these probably won't get to any drugstores near me, or even if they will, they'll be long gone before I get a chance to even look at one :P

    1. Rbr delicate hummingbird would hit the same sweetspot...ok I lied, I just got rbr today and I still get tempted by the murkier/sparkly wet n wild....i just had to remind myself how many pretty pans I have nicked during depotting. Last victim was the duochrome from comfort zone (should have gotten a back up during last sale).

  2. I need the Bohemian Wrapsody palette so pretty!!

    1. The lid shade in BW is really nice and metallic. It's seems that wet n wild does taupe really well!


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