Monday, October 26, 2015

Three Lilac Lid Wash - Shiseido, Lunasol and Ramy

Beside rose gold, lilac (or medium-light purple) is another one of my favorite shades to use allover the eyelid. It's the kind of color that manages to both shade and brighten, something that doesn't look too done-up while being interesting on its own. When I noticed that, in all of my purple palettes, the medium lilac pan is goes down faster than other shades, I went ahead and hunt for lilac single that I can just use by themselves. The fruits of my hunt are: Three lilac lid wash that you can't have(attainable with a bit of digging) as they are either discontinued, past limited edition and about to be sacked.

The three beauties are Shiseido luminizing satin eye color in VI720 Ghost, Lunasol Tender Clear eyes in ex-3 Shiny Lavender and Ramy Pure Color Eyeshadow in Anita Cocktail. I forgot to take picture with the compacts closed but I promise that the two Japanese ones are both rather nice (Ramy scratches easily).
Lunasol Tender Shine Eyes is one of the few singles released for Spring 2015. Before I get to the color, I want to say how much I love the white packaging, it's bright wand pearlescent, much sleeker and less plastic-looking than their standard copper one. If the brand decide to do a package revamp (I hope they don't stop selling the older palettes though), this is what I want them to look like.

As for the eyeshadow, the formula is a clear miss, if not an epic failure. The pan is rather hard (think chalk)to the touch and each swipe yields a thin layer of powdery lilac tint. After some furious digging and only under direct sunlight, you get a delicate sheer veil of ultra fine lilac glimmer..That's only visible in a certain angle. Most of time it's just a barely there lilac film that acts as a way-too-subtle eye brightener.
I applied it allover the lid (you might be able to see it in the inner 1/3)
It's not completely useless though. I can use this shade to replace other allover lid shade in a palette, when I want a cooler (many lilac palettes have pink base shades)look. Oh wait, it is useless since the base is too thin for other shadow to adhere to. If you have 16 bucks to burn, this can be found on both eBay and Rakuten (cosmerafio again). I think it will be available for quite a while.
Ramy Pure Color Eyeshadow in Anita Cocktail ! (the exclamation mark is part of the name) is a slightly dusty cool-lilac with a soft mist of teal duo-chrome allover. The formula is decent for what I paid (half off at 9 bucks, later it became 75% off), just a little chalky and dry but that could be just the pastel shade.
The minty feel is visible when applied allover the lid. I feel that it should work great on people with deeper set eyes because the luminous finish makes my own look a little puffy and using this kind of shade (pastel but more opaque than it is clear) can be a bit dated on my flat features.
Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color is their trio in miniature. I wish they didn't include that sponge applicator as it's one of the worst I have used (it's strange that their drugstore brands usually include much better applicators).
Formula of the Luminizing Satin Eye Color is the best of the three: Soft smooth and very easy to grab and spread (it's a formula one can easily hit pan on, as long as you reach for it). VI720 is a murky, milky and gray lilac that flashes pink and gold with different angles.
I just added Shiseido on top of that Lunasol (it's borderline invisible and has no texture anyway).
 The effect is delicate, satiny and a little brightening. I really like the color but it seems that on cooler days (when my skin has that grayish and sallow undertone) it blends right in. For me, it's too light to shade, too dark to highlight and not brightening enough to use as allover base. I think I will just use it to blend out other dirty lilac/purple eyeshadow I have.
Group swatch - and I just love L'Oreal Liquid Diamond(goes very well with Shiseido). 
So, I think they are all worthy of being discontinued.


  1. "All are worthy of being discontinued" LOL!!!

    1. I always feel that lunasol keeps discontinues the pretty range but the tender shine was just pure crap...Speaking of which , they also discontinued khaki beige and pink beige collection from the line as well!

      I guess it's just too much overlap with their spring 2016 quint and split pan duo/trio.

    2. Actually, that's how I feel about most Japanese brands in general. They keep discontinuing/reformulating/changing the best stuff. Urgh.

    3. I think I will forgive Lunasol because their upcoming new sparkling eyes duo(trio) looks like Vivid Clear in miniature (and I already got the three I want so I am safe!). I already like the purple, blue,pinky beige ones! I hope those are not too expensive...


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