Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer in Aloha

"I wish summer never ends" - This is the kind of thing you never heard in Texas. When I thought I just escaped the heat for good, it turns out that the summer in New Jersey/New York is just as bad (The NY subway during summer makes Chicago blue line smell like baby's breath). I understand the sentiment and how Poppy King wanted to encapsulate it into a range of lipsticks.
 Endless Summer is a range of sheer, glossy lipsticks with bright, punchy colors (which I like all year round) and SPF15 (better than nothing).
 The tube is frosted (from what I have seen in the counter, most range have this rubberized finish while the stand-alone shades have the shiny metal ones (that don't turn sticky eventually) and I just love the happy orange color.
For my first shade, I played safe and went for the punchy red called Aloha (I think there is another coral pink, nude and a bright pink).
Medieval is more neutral (the little brow base it has cancels out the mauve in my lips), Aloha (in terms of color) is actually very similar to Revlon Wild Watermelon. The main difference lies in texture. The formula of Endless Summer is juicy and moisturizing instead of Revlon's balmy and thick-jelly. Aloha's pigmentation is in between the two shades: It goes on glossier than Medieval but thinner and more transparent compared to Revlon. I like both shades and feel they are different enough to coexist in my stash.

Aloha is a pretty Popsicle stain on the lips (although it's neither staining nor drying). I guess I might be really unadventurous, since I feel that the color make enough statement on its own that I never wear eye makeup with this. Maybe I should just pop some colorful liner next time. 

So, we got another keeper here! Next up is Jean Queen (with autumnal backdrop!).


  1. Woot! Been eyeing this Endless Summer line for a looooong time. And I LOVE Jean Queen. Hope you'll like it too!

  2. Oh, jean queen does have a nice formula. It just looks generic pink since my lips make it look a little brighter...I prefer fresh rose extreme since the color and finish are more muted.


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