Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lavshuca Shiny Trip Eyes in Tropical Island

According to their official site, Lavshuca is officially ceasing production by the end of this year. Let's get the reviews out so you can hunt those down (or not). For bragging purpose, I got two of these Lavshuca palettes for a great price on eBay auction (13 dollars for both, shipped).
I wouldn't pay the retail (15+ bucks) for these because the packaging is so boring! I mean it's cute with the heart opening and slightly different print but...Nope. The pre-renovation burgundy packaging was way better (back then I just didn't like paying near 20 bucks on "drugstore" brands when I could get 5-6 toys for that price), maybe I should eBay some before they become crazy hard to find. 

Today the review is for Tropical Island only since I only wore the blue one once so far.
The Shiny Trip Eyes is a palette with four raised pans that looks like it could be baked. Anyway, the actual shadow don't feel particularly dry or condensed and this still contains 4.5g the regular palette amount (usually raised pans/baked palettes have more product).

The four colors in the palettes are pale gold, soft pink, light mint green and a woody brown. All shades are pigmented and aside from the pink (which is a little clearer than the other), the other lid shades both have a luminous finish. There are visible clear glimmers that could yield some sheen, but they are hidden in this allover pastel base. 
Gold allover the lid, pink inner half, green (which looks more gold) on outer half. Brown was applied as and eyeliner but since I always blend blend blend all deep shades, it ended up being the lid shade for me.

I think the colors in Tropical Island are all noticeable(by the wearer) but other wise it probably doesn't appeal to many. Essentially, it's a palette with three highlighters and an liner. None of the lighter shades has unique shift or textural variance (two things that would make a combo like this work). I don't find this unflattering but this isn't particularly worthy of your time full priced.

I still kind of like it though, at least it's foolproof and the texture is great for 6.5 bucks.


  1. When I found out Lavshuca's going away I was super tempted to pickup at least one of these palettes to try. But you're right, they look super boring, from the packaging to the colors...

    1. The blue one is a bit better (but still meh), you won't need it since you got konruri already. I wanted to pick up some random pre-2012 lavshuca palette just to own one of the pretty packaging...Then I decided not too since all the great ones are long gone anyway.

  2. Oooo....I really love the packaging and the sheer colors of these quads. I've been tempted by lavshuca before and may try a small eyeshadow palette in the near future!

    1. Do it before it's too late! Well, I guess they will be available for a while since none of the new releases is that popular anyway...


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