Wednesday, October 14, 2015

elf Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Soiree

Playing with all the Japanese palettes has been fun but singles never lost their appeal, because they even require less thinking(I use one shade at a time allover the lid). I spotted this little pot of elf shadow at CVS (it seems that they are getting rid of NYC and make the space for elf instead...So why is Nuance still there hogging the space?) so I got it. It's strange because it was the only shade available.

The little pot of (rose) gold is called elf Long-lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow. 

Lid is a matte plastic. A little cheap-looking but better than their powder eyeshadow (at least the print doesn't rub off)
The texture of these eyeshadow are mouse-like, spongy like the old Maybelline Dream Mousse eyeshadow (I used to have a few of them)/concealer and the bouncy blush. On the hand, it shows up intensely and it's not particularly powdery or slippery.
Soiree is a medium metallic mauve-pink (I just generalize all metallic pink into rose gold) that's the right depth to shade and brighten. The shadow is smooth to the touch, shows up well but not too intense(I never tried layering it to reach full opacity). Oh, it's also insanely sparkly and the sparkle doesn't look cheap (big particle to dull edges) at all! In a way, it got that wet-look that's found in Japanese eyeshadow.
elf Soiree applied allover the lid. I tried to stop in the middle so it doesn't end up in my eyebrow (Failed. And my brow is a bit wild today...) . I wore it for two nights (because it's not exactly work-friendly) it lasts decently well now the weather is cooler. I can't say how it would last during humid summer though.
So far, I have only tried it by itself. I think this will work nice over powder eyeshadow (as the finish not a slippery one) like a sparkling top wash.

I think I would repurchase (for 3 bucks, why not?) but I also feel that I already got the best shade already, at least for my need.


  1. I really like this one on you!
    And I think how you described the shimmer on point. Shimmer of that quality is the reason why we are so drawn to those Japanese eyeshadows, right? I haven't bought anything from elf for quite some time, but I want to find these!

    1. I have gotten 3 elf(studio line) product this year and I actually like all of them. This eyeshadow is my favorite of the three though. I will wear it over taupe next time!

  2. I absolutely love the pomegranate tone to this shade and the shimmer looks sooo gorgeous! Totally can see this being a great base for neutrals or pinky toned shades!

    1. There is another shade that's closer to pomegranate (it's called festivity I think?). I can't imagine using a sparkling base myself but I bet you can pull it off...


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