Thursday, September 10, 2015

Milani Blossomtime Rose Powder Blush

Quick review (because I don't have much to say about blushers). Milani released three limited rose powder blush this summer, I picked one up as it was affordable and… limited thus highly desirable. 

The three shades all happen to be shimmery so they should also apply better. To this day, I have yet to see a wonderfully executed drugstore matte, be it lipstick or eyeshadow. 
The Rose Powder Blush is humongous, containing 17g of products. While this is the reason that it stops me from wanting one from the permanent range(too much commitment), I am more than willing to bend that rule when it's a limited release. In that way, I view it as a half-collectible instead of something that needs to be consumed. 
Blossomtime Rose ( with Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink and Kiko Peony) is a golden peachy pink that almost every brand has one (Thanks to Nars' Orgasm) it's silky, decently pigmented and not a bit powdery or chalky. It impart a warm flush with lots of glow, this will work well as a substitute for their Luminous which I loved a lot(and broke, because I depotted it then didn't have a permanent place for the loose pan).
I also picked up Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink as it was 2.4 bucks on sale. This color icon blush is redder in tone(flush-like instead of glowy) and more powdery but it can be blended into a seamless finish with a fluffy synthetic brush. Yeah, I half-gave up with gray squirrel. 

So, I like both of them (preferring Milani because it doesn't contain a useless brush)a lot and think they are a lot better than many more expensive brands.

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