Friday, September 04, 2015

Maybelline Summer 2013 Color Tattoo

The summer 2013 from Maybelline might very well be one of my all time favorites (another popped into mind would be the summer 2010 by Revlon). The collection was filled with color tattoo (favorite drugstore shadow formula) in various icy and duochrome shades. You know it's true love when I pulled a hoard-it-all when there weren't any good promotion going on.

Out of the eight Color Tattoo released, I picked up six. Of course I left the prettiest one in Texas as it was kept in a different drawer (one next to my bed) than the rest of my eyeshadow.
Blue Paradise is a pigmented periwinkle that flashes teal.
Cool Crush is a silver that flashes pink-lilac.
Waves of white looks white but the duochrome action is so strong that it looks just blue on the skin.
None of these work as a neutral allover wash (how I normally wear the color tattoo) instead, they make stunning transformative base for other powder shadow.
Lavish Lavender is a grayish purple. Unfortunately, it looks like gray with chunky glitter once spread out.
Icy Mint (another one of my more anticipated color) is another let-down: gummy texture and subpar pigmentation that turns dull after being blended. I still kind of like the sheer minty quality though.
Electric Blue is one shade from the Color Tattoo Metal range. It also turns dull (and the inky blue stains the skin) after being blended.

So, I will continue to buy these as long as Maybelline keep coming up with interesting shades/collection. So, where is there fall 2015 collection?


  1. Unfortunately, I missed out on this collection. I have found a few of the shades on Ebay for a good price. Yes. I always look forward to the Color Tattoo seasonal collections but not very many stores near me carry them. Then I read reviews and look at swatches to get the one's I really want on Ebay. :)

    1. That's a smart move actually, I had to hunt down a few loreal infallible on ebay (because I didn't like them when they were released 2 years ago but now suddenly I am crazy about the formula and colors)and they averaged out to be 3-4 dollars a piece!

      Anyway, I always love looking at shiny new displays so I missed it when drugstore collections are actually interesting. Now it's like they all stopped trying?


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