Monday, September 14, 2015

Majolica Majorca and Canmake Eyelash Curlers

Lash curlers are items that both lasts for a long while(don't expire like makeup) and eventually need replacements (as the spring action wears off). I don't feel bad hoarding them a bit, as I get to "use them up" at my own pace.

I got two last year while trying to find my favorite so here is a quick run down for both of them.
The Majolica Majorca curler was a freebie with a set (came with the mascara base) and tinted with a lightly rosy yellow gold. The construction seems ok and the frame is flat enough to get most of my lashes. The rubber pad is moderatly gummy but it does not give a strong curl.
The Canmake curler (made in Taiwan) is noticeably flatter and feels more solid on the hand. A flatter frame seems to work better on my eyes (grips lashes without pinching) and the solid build also makes it rest more securely in my grip.
The rubber pad on the Canmake curler is quite hard and gummy. It doesn't break my lashes and curls gives an effective curl that doesn't droop. I quite like the Canmake one but I am also curious about the matte black Surratt curler...It's just hard to justify that cost (it was 25bucks when it first launched then got changed to 30 soon after, like they are making it luxury priced just for the heck of being luxury).

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