Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lavshuca Happy Playing Cheek PK-3

Since Lavschuca is getting discontinued according credible source (Rouge Deluxe), I guess I should just finish up this (another) overdue review.
The Happy Playing Cheek is a small pan of firmly pressed powder blush in a cute compact. There is no mirror, no useless brush and the clear window lets you to see what's inside (and collect a few while not getting confused which shade is which). I think each blush retails for around 7-8 bucks when I got it.
PK-3 is a cool, matte pink that doesn't feel too bubblegum on the face. Just a cute pale powdery tint that looks cute but not distracting. The powder is easy to grab with goat or synthetic haired brush and even though it appears a little chalky on the brush, it blends away nicely when the face is well-moisturized/when it's humid out. It's a perfect (well, I mean it's close enough) substitute for the discontinued Thrrrob (chalky but I love it) and is nifty to throw into makeup bag.  I like it but there is no need for repurchase.
Lavchuca PK3 with two Canmake Cream Cheek Clear

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