Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fresh Tinted Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey, Petal, Tulip, Rose and Berry

Since my Rose Extreme just became unusable straight out of the tube(still have some left if I dig with a lip brush). It was time to crack open the Sugar Addict Mini Lip collection (five half sized minis for 36 dollars/doesn't take a maths major to figure out it was a good deal), which I got almost four months back.

The set contains Berry, Tulip, Rose(can't get that accent to appear now on my phone), Honey and Petal. Five more neutral shades in the bunch.
First let's start with the brighter ones.

Berry is a muted red berry that turns brighter magenta on me(which is usually the case with any sheer lip colors that leans cool pink).

Tulip (which has the pretty tube color that is less frosted than the other tubes) is a sheer blue pink that looks alright (I have grown to be indifferent about this kind of shades thanks to those Korean color-changing lip tints, which all ended up looking like this.

Rose is a clear neutral (very lightly) dusty rose red. Hard to go wrong with this shade. It's lighter than Rose Extreme but still brightens up the face a bit. This is my current bag-toss.
Petal and Honey are more neutral (and more brightening on my face thanks to the contrast in tone) 
Petal is a shimmery (no chunky or obnoxious at all) nude pink with a bit of opacity.
Honey is warmer and yellower, still easy to wear thanks to its light formula.
Lastly, a re-swatch of the Limited Rose Extreme on the same humid day (minimal lip lines!). This is still my favorite of all because it's red, neutral, smells like roses and has pretty print allover it.
Another group shot of the minis.  I like these and they are really handy to carry around. Maybe I will get a full sized one(cherry or coral) if I use up two of these minis. By that time Sephora will have that discount code for (not very important) Beauty Insiders.


  1. I like these a lot, but I really hate paying $6/mini, or worse, $22 for the full size. $22 for a lip balm? OUCH.

    1. But the minis are half sized though, making it much better deal? I consider them little treats and make sure I use and use up those treats.

  2. Thanks for the review!
    I bought the 7 set mini this year and was trying to decide which to keep and which to give away. I think I'll keep Honey and Rose, but I have a feeling that Rose will be too pinkish on me.


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