Wednesday, September 02, 2015

elf Baked Eyeshadow in Pixie

I picked this up at Marshalls while I was doing my after meal stroll. ELF baked eyeshadow in Pixie is a pearly golden pink that's sheer and delicate. The texture is dry but smooth and it doesn't look frosty on the skin. It's not that bendable (the color sheers out too much being blended) and it definitely requires a primer to stay. I mainly like it as a lid wash allover.

Some similar rose golds in my stash: L'Oreal infallible crayon in Everlasting Rose. Prestige Sand Dune, Pixie and the lid shade from Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes in Pink Beige Collection.

Overall: Nice but requires a little work. I prefer to just swipe and go if I am only using one shade. Oh, the packaging is a little crappy too, the print on the compact actually smudged off.


  1. This is a very pretty one wash and go color. Cool that you found it at Ross too. :)

  2. OMG, that shade is GORGEOUS!!! I would love to own that shade for a shadow as well as maybe even a tap mixed in with a rosy blush!

  3. @Natalie - It was just 30 cents cheaper than the regular retail though...I don't live closed to a Target so this is a good thing.

    I think you can use blush to get the same effect (I don't because it feels kind of weird?). The shade selection in elf baked …shadow are pretty interesting.


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