Tuesday, August 25, 2015

NYC City Proof 24 HR Eyeshadow in Brooklyn Mocha

Another filler (so I can use a coupon) item from NYC - the City Proof 24 HR Eyeshadow in Brooklyn Mocha is another twist up eye crayon that I (have a bunch of but) can never say no to.
Brooklyn Mocha is a warm chestnut taupe with fine enough of shimmer (nothing complex but it's a neutral and flattering shade). The crayon is slightly harder (waxier than it is creamy) compared with other eye crayons I have tried but it still goes on easy enough without too much drag or pull.
Brooklyn Mocha, Maybelline Bad to the Bronze (which is more metallic under daylight but I chose this picture as it shows the color variance better) and Wet n Wild Nutty. Just like Bad to the Bronze, Brooklyn Mocha has a quality that it creates dimension when you are only wearing it alone (the shimmer just catches light in a different depth).

So, it would be a surprisingly good find...If it's actually Cityproof as it claims. On my lids in a moderately hot/humid (nothing crazy like Houston) New Jersey afternoon, it took less than an hour for it to almost dissappear on me... I can't imagine what it will look like if I actually wear it out.

Verdict: Epic fail. Aren't we all glad that Bad to the Bronze is still widely available?

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