Thursday, August 06, 2015

Almay Color Care Liquid Balm & Smart Shade CC Concealer

Almay Color Care Liquid Balm seems to be a very well-liked products that has been overlooked by me. I picked one shade up when it was on sale (more red tint never hurts?). The slightly muted sheer red has a watery consistency and a slight balmy feel, it's like Revlon's (long discontinued) Cherry in the Glow Super Lustrous lip gloss, but much diluted.
Doe-foot applicator is the same as the old Revlon as well. 
I loaded on a lot (which soon got absorbed/evaporated) because I didn't like the barely there tint with the standard 2-3 layers. As a stand-alone product, I think I kind of like it (or lot really because I have gotten so much lazier nowadays, even with layering gloss) as it's moisturizing, flattering and doesn't require much effort.

 Since I have tried the older Revlon Super Lustrous, this really just feel like an inferior substitute. Keep in mind, I am very biased from my last Almay purchase (TL/DR - Revlon discontinued a bunch of lip butter, which all resurfaced as Almay Butter Kiss lipsticks as if they are something new). At least I should give some props making some change to an old formula right(dilution is change)? 
 To another other product - Almay Smart Shade CC Concealer is quintessentially Almay: Boring/copy cat concept with a subpar formula. I found it at the clearance bin and got suckered by the cheap price.
The duo has a concealer and highlighter - Both thin, waxy and blend into nothing but a sheer white film. I would be so much happier if I spent the 2 bucks on junk food.

Well, at least the packaging is nice enough? 

Overall: I shall avoid the brand like I always had (it's a more grown up brands in the drugstore, but as I get older...I don't see why should I reach for something that's poorer-quality than Maybelline and L'Oreal).


  1. Ah, the Cherries In The Glow! I still miss it. I was shocked that this color didn't make it when the SL gloss line was revamped, but that is not the only stupid decision Revlon has made. Oh well. I had one from this Almay gloss line and liked it, but it came short to make me feel any excited.
    It is a shame about Almay. It used to have its own charms while being owned by Revlon. I really liked their old eyeshadows and some foundations (their buff is yellower than Revlon buff). ;-/

    1. Technically none of the old super lustrous gloss actually made it(cherry in the glow was sacked way earlier with nude lustre, another revlon I bought three times). I found the round tubed super lustrous gloss like a diluted colorburst (same gel formula but runny) so I stopped after my first tube. I am glad that the new super lustrous is getting discontinued though. As they are just cheating/cheaping out under the name of revamp.

      Ahh, I guess I actually really hate revlon for their moves. Back in 2010-2013it was like my favorite brand.


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