Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wet n Wild Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio

Another quickie - Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Silent Treatment is another product that has been raved everywhere (and OK-ed by Temptalia...Which often doesn't mean much as her skintone is warmer than mine and our preferences are quite different). 

The eyeshadow contains three shades: A shimmery gray taupe that picks up a lot of purple once it's on my eyes. A warm blackened brown with golden speckle (looks satin on swatch but I call it defacto matte) and a shimmery vanilla beige. 

The taupe shades has the best texture in the bunch, as it's reasonably smooth, malleable (I don't like calling eyeshadow creamy, unless it's actually cream-like) without fine shimmer and too much fall-out. I would say the quality isn't too far off from brands like Urban Decay. The finish doesn't look cakey on skin but since it pulls purple on me, I just look a little tired with this.

The blackened brown is a little drier (hence not really doable as a rich powder liner, the only way I wear a dark color) but it's perfectly workable as a crease/eye socket shade once it's on top of a creamier base (aka the taupe). I usually avoid this as it's too smocked-out for my liking.

The vanilla beige at the end/top is dry (better than the blackened brown but a little more powdery compared to the highlight shade in Comfort Zone or Walking on Eggshell). For American palettes, I usually use only one (or two, but sparingly for secondary shade) shade at a time. Mainly because my eyes are pretty flat and there isn't much lid space going on. For this palette, this might as well be a single since I only use the taupe (applied on lid and blended/diffused upward).

Overall: I can't complain much for an eyeshadow that cost me less than 2 bucks (bought it during 40% off). I might depot it and just keep the taupe (when I find a good, refillable palette that's not paper).


  1. I almost picked this up last week! I should have. ;-/ I am not a depotter but would totally depot these, though.
    And I agree Temptalia's opinions are often irrelevant to my own experience. First of all, she tends to dismiss anything less than super pigmented and doesn't seem to understand there are "sheer and good" things out there.

    1. Well, it has been weeks since Wet n Wild was 40% off (so it could go on sale next week at Rite Aid)...Never hurt to wait, it's nice but I have a dozen of taupe singles anyway.


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