Saturday, July 25, 2015

Midsummer Micellany - Favorites and New Toys

I have gathered enough random pictures in my memory card so here is another weekend dump of photos. The year 2015 mark the first summer I am spending outside of Texas in the last 10 years (I did spend three months in Chicago last year...then I went back to Texas to get steamed for another two months). 

So it turns out that summer here can get just as hot-humid. Luckily, the super hot days doesn't last as long (so I can still manage to get outdoor and not getting soaked from doing nothing).  Anyway, let me shows you some stuff/start rambling (I already started).
1. When I saw this, the first thing popped out was a name of SUQQU palette
2. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea  Honeysuckle was purchased back in 2013 to be worn with a grape-like jade bracelet(check), green mini shoulder bag(check) and a flowy white sundress(still haven't come across anything like it, I might need to learn sewing) for summer times.

To my miscalculation(not talking about the white dress), the scent hovers my head like a clouds of doom, with the extreme humidity in Houston. I never got to wear it during sundress season...Until now. It's a perfect refreshment for a muggy day in Jersey as it's hot but not overbearingly so.

I think I am finally enjoying summer now(especially after my landlord got me a new fridge!).
The paper box, I don't mind this print on a dress either. 
3. Little Muji cases for my earrings - Back in my teenage years I used to buy a pair of earrings every few weeks but I had slowly gotten too lazy(not to mention the long dangly ones tend to get caught when I comeb my hair). Now I am back to the kick and made a little switch to studs (which are less likely to clash with my glasses). Here are my two recent favorites: 
A silver bow pair from TJ-maxx, the brand is La Plata. It's a love-at-first-sight that finally went discounted after weeks of stalking (found out why it was on clearance soon after purchase: one of the posts is significant thicker so it was an agony to wear/poke through).

The bows are best at OL-fied any simple outfits that involve a cardigan and dress.
This is more of a whimsical type with dipped lapis. The quality of lapis isn't great (compared to what I can get in China) but it's one of the unassuming pieces that looks much better once worn. I think I will wear it more often once it cool down (when I ditch white/light blue for navy and jewel tones). Of course, this is also from tjmaxx.

May and June were the months when I got a little crazy with brushes(I didn't hoard a ton but since I get 3-4 from each brand/dabbled in different brands, the packages just kept on coming) so I told myself "No brushes for July" (failed, at least I only bought three) and use said budget for a new laptop (my 5-year-old one crashed back in spring). I hopped onto Amazon during lunch and...
And bought a camera(as a replacement for my drowned Sony point and shoot). The model is Panasonic GF-7 (I remember first time I wanted a GF, it was still on model 2). The next time I am taking glamour shots of all my pretty craps, instead of a photographer wannabe, I will look like a tourist...

5. I have a little storage for my well-loved makeup now(btw, love the Alteya rose water. The Andalou one stings my eyes so it's currently used as room spray). 

You can also see my whiskey glass brush storage. I don't want to deal with those clear plastic balls so I damper them with a microfiber cloth instead.
 6. Coin pouch - I bought it from (forgot the store name but it sounds like crouching tiger hidden dragon? Edit: Ha! Flying Tiger Copenhagen)  for only three bucks.
 7. Some current favorites. Too lazy to list detail because I am blogging with my phone (maybe I shouldn't have bought the camera...) They are either already reviewed or will be.
8. I recently learned that my preferred brushes are the Weasleys - Suqqu Eyeliner D (at last, I have jumped onto the bandwagon*), Shu Uemura 10 Natural and 5R Kolinsky. 

Now that I finally have some brushes that are not a pain in the eyeballs, eye makeup became much more enjoyable/fun. In the picture: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone(only love the duochrome), Lunasol Vivid Clear in Pink Beige Collection, Kiko Beige Silk and L'Oreal Amber Rush/Liquid Diamond.
Sunscreens - this year I make an effort to wear them (almost) everyday and wash them off every night. Both Shiseido have been backed up(I also have one for body) so I will be covered.

Lastly, lip colors I reach for the most.  All sheer red because I am boring. Basically, the more things are scratched off (as they are tossed in my bag, clunking with keys and other objects) the more I love it.

So, that's it for the day. Hope you enjoy the summer weather and this sneak-peek of future reviews. I really need to clean up my place...

* Two palettes on their way to me!


  1. Oh hey, how do you like the L'Occitane lip balm? I just picked it up but haven't tried yet.

  2. Wait a minute, I just realized that was actually Fresh Sugar Balm and not L'Occitane LOL Never mind xD

    1. Tried loccitane in store and didn't like anything about it to buy one: It's thin, sheer and the tubes are plasticky (was making my discreet sarcastic comment to a friend a little too loud in that small store so I excused myself). I actually think those are way overpriced( even at 14bucks?) for what they are...

  3. what exactly are the lip balms / sticks? i can't read the labels...

    1. Ha, I don't blame you since they are either peeled or scratched off (with wear). They are Fresh Sugar Tinted in Rose Extreme, Lipstick Queen Medieval and Lush lip tint It Started with a Kiss.


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