Thursday, July 30, 2015

KAI Beauty Tools: Tweezers and Lash Comb

 KAI is a Japanese brand that makes small beauty/personal care tools like eyelash curler and nail clippers. The tweezers duo can be found in Japanese supermarket like Mitsuwa for around 5 bucks(and it does go on sale). 
Both tweezers has a flat (straight but not razor sharp) tips and a very firm grip as the base. I am used to Tweezerman's slanted one for years but as soon as I made the adjustment (positioning the tip perpendicular to hair growth), it becomes very effective at hair removal.

The larger one, I assume, it's designed for thicker hair from underarm. Similarly, it  works for ladybush if you are into some precision grooming and/or self-torture. I tried it on my leg hair and it was just alright. I think the strand needs to be thicker for it to function though.

So, I ended up liking these a lot as they do what they are intended to: Grip and grasp. Keep in mind that the tweezers are made in China if you try to avoid it. I personally don't mind(because God forbid, I was made in China)unless things are poorly made and overpriced(for example, the Stila lip glaze with the new formulation).

The Japan-made lash comb (forgot to take picture of the whole thing)is solidly constructed but poorly designed. The ergonomics is good with the curved body(once open) and the plastic stays shiny and free of scratch.

However, the teeth are too short and way too sharp that not only it's a safety hazard(poke my fingertips during photo session) it also doesn't reach the root of my lashes unless I place it really close to my eye balls(poking hazard again). It might not be a problem for others (since my lids are hooded) but I much prefer the metal lash comb from Koji, which is sharp enough to clear out clump but still blunt/long enough to not get too closed my cornea.

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