Monday, July 20, 2015

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge - Sweet Cherry

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge is a small range of lip color (there are only three shades: a red, pink and nude peach). Since I always need another sheer red (well, I assumed most Japanese lipsticks are mistake). I asked my cousin to buy one from me (mom paid though). 
At around 7 bucks, the shiny metal packaging is actually quite nice and hefty (also very prone to scratches). The lipstick has a very crisp click that might as well be a little screechy. 
The lipstick bullet is rather hard, so hard that it fell down from a tree during my trying-too-hard photo shoot (No cherry blossom for you!) and wasn't even nicked on the edge. As expected from a hard lipstick, each swipe doesn't yield that much color. Sweet Cherry is a bright red...that looks orange/coral as soon as I put it on my mouth...Compared to other lipstick in my stash, the color definitely pull much more coral with the warm undertone and  creamy color base.
Lush It Started with a Kiss, Canmake Sweet Cherry, Rimmel Matte 109, Revlon Lip Butter Wild Watermelon (one of my summertime favorites), Mac Popster (from that Hello Kitty collection way back in 2009?) L'Oreal Coral Encore
On the lips - Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge is neither moisturizing or drying(kind of like mac cremesheen, in a way that the color doesn't melt in but it's not patchy either).

 It's a decent lipstick but I usually overlook this and reach for something bolder and more see-through. So, another meh product from Canmake.


  1. It is a very pretty color on you, but I do understand what you mean by preferring something bolder yet translucent. I'm still impressed with the gold packaging considering the price range, though! :)
    I've been eyeing their Just For Me Essence Rouge. Have you tried it?

    1. Nope, and automatically skipped because boring packaging. But seriously I try not to buy lipstick this summer because they might melt in the heat(and my apartment has a bit of green house effect going on, great for winter...). However, I am really tempted by the upcoming mac creamsheen pearl....I am eying on the sheer red(sakura something)again.


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