Saturday, June 20, 2015

L'Oreal Infallible 24HR Eyeshadow Gilded Envy

Gilded Envy isn't anything new from L'Oreal's Infallible Eyeshadow line. I "discovered" it 2 months ago (took the picture 1.5 months ago, obviously)while L'Oreal was 40% off at Rite Aid.

Gilded Envy is a medium metallic taupe with a green tinge (so it's kind of like antique gold?). The dimension is all lost with the pixelated picture but I promise...there isn't any super complex shimmer that I had to capture anyway. Compared to other Infallible Eye Shadow, Gilded Envy is not as pigmented and blended down to a somewhat sheer silvery gray wash (so my lids eat away all the green tinge).

The special part is that even though there isn't complex shimmer, the sizes of the glittering bits vary in sizes so each reflect like in a different way and create a watery depth to the look. It looks quite interesting worn sheerly and it's a wonderful color to pack on top of any taupe color that are more flat. As always, lasting power of these are not great (on me) but I got primers.
Gilded Envy, Bronzed Taupe (also Infallible), Wet n Wild Nutty, The Duo Chrome from Wet n Wild Comfort Zone, Maybelline Bad to the Broze and Wet n Wild Vinyl Collection


  1. Pretty!
    I haven't bought an Infallible for a while but I do love them. I like the sound of "a watery depth". I think bigger glitters don't really go well with dense pigment, so the sheerer quality of this would be appropriate.

    Have a great weekend, Mina! :)

    1. I just hauled a bunch of these last week(when the 40%off sale rolled back again)and I am really enjoying amber rush. It was only recently that I found out I really like how loreal does some of their colors, they are so complex for the low price.

      P.S my weekend started Friday and it was just too tired showing my cousin I am totally going to just sleep the day away tomorrow.


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